Basic Bitch Tries… Subculture Instagram Tutorial | Ep1

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So I came up with this series while I was following an insta tutorial this morning. I don’t know about you guys, but 99% of the time when I follow tutorials, they just never turn out as good…even when you use the same products as the guru that’s doing it. My makeup skills are not the worst in the world but they’re also not the best – I can pull off uncomplicated glam looks fairly well, but I’m no professional. So that’s why I decided that I’m gonna put tutorials to the test in this series, so I can find out whether your average blogger/makeup lover/basic bitch can recreate the flawless looks you see on social media every day.

We’re kicking things off with the very tutorial that gave me the idea by @kaseyrayton! (her version linked here). She looks amazing of course, but can a basic bitch like me pull it off by following everything she does step-by-step? Keep reading to find out!

20863910_914984458649509_1334453715_n - Edited

dawn - Edited


So I started off by putting Dawn in the crease, slowly building it up and blending each layer as I have a much more dense crease brush (Spectrum B06) than she appeared to use, and I’ve had many a fun time accidentally being too aggressive with the pigmentation of this palette. (Also I apologise for my catastrophic brows, but plucking them is a lot of effort; I’m sure you can relate haha).

20840113_914984455316176_1629148561_n - Edited

Edge - Edited

Then I went over the top of Dawn with Edge, brightening up the crease a bit. I was loving using the brighter colours bc it only really gets scary when the dark colours are added in, especially with this palette.

20839141_914984475316174_1226222375_n - Edited

New Wave - Edited

Then I added in a bit of New Wave to the crease, whichΒ reallyΒ brightened it up. I was also super happy with how everything was blending out, and I was pretty proud of myself at this point tbh. Next up was the darker colour though, and I was so apprehensive bc this was one of the nicest looking creases I’d accomplished recently and I didn’t wanna fuck it up.

20815088_914984481982840_946214425_n - Edited


20840418_914984488649506_1305219442_n - Edited

I then picked up some of Untamed on my Spectrum A06 brush, decided it was a bit too big and dangerous for such a stressful eyeshadow situation, and then settled on a random little packing brush a friend gave me. I popped a base of it down on the inner and outer corners of my lid, leaving clean space in the centre. In the space I’d left, I then took some of my Collection Lasting Perfection ConcealerΒ on the flat end of the brush that comes with the palette and packed it onto the centre of my lid. At this point I was buzzing bc it actually didn’t look half bad, and from packing lightly and blending, the darker shade had behaved a lot better than just going wild with it.

20839409_914984498649505_310240832_n - Edited

20839286_914984505316171_11964494_n - Edited

20840308_914984515316170_1923972552_n - Edited

Then I wet my weird little packing brush that I mentioned earlier with my Makeup Revolution Oil Control Setting Spray, and dipped into Electric, packing it onto the centre of my lid. I then went back into Untamed and built up some more pigment, making sure that it was blended nicely with the edges of the shimmer. At this point I was proper proud, like it’s not the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen but like there hadn’t been a disaster at all!?

20864657_914984508649504_77032932_n - Edited

20839391_914984511982837_93963935_n - Edited


I then moved onto working on the lower lash line with the brush that comes with the palette, running Fudge along it first, followed by All Star. Then I blended them together. I wish I had a thinner brush to make a more precise, less smudged-smokey line under my eyes, but ah well haha.


I then added a pop of Electric onto the inner corners as even though she didn’t add anything (I don’t think), I just felt like it needed something there.




I included some final comparisons just so you could really get a sense of how I did. Looking at this I actually think I did pretty well, and I was super proud of the result I achieved with a palette I’m not yet 100% confident with. To say I didn’t prime my lids with concealer bc I forgot, and I also didn’t do a proper full face (I just put on concealer and things but not foundation), I don’t look half bad!

It’s obviously not 100% the same as Kasey’s look, like I think the area she put shimmer on was bigger and the line under her eyes is sharper than mine. Her look in general is more polished than mine but for a self-proclaimed basic bitch, I’m really proud of myself. I’d say as far as a guru-made tutorial goes, this one is pretty achievable and I’d say that if I can do it to a reasonable degree so can you! (Make sure to give her a follow bc from what I can see she does some really cool looks).

So that was the first episode of my new series! I’m really excited to get going with this and get creative with it, and I hope you’re as excited as I am. I was expecting to fail dramatically bc that’s partly what the series is about, but I suppose it’s also about becoming more confident in my abilities and encouraging others to feel the same about their own. Let me know what you thought in the comments and if there are any trends/tutorials you’d like to see me attempt!



15 thoughts on “Basic Bitch Tries… Subculture Instagram Tutorial | Ep1

  1. ayrgalaxy says:

    You didn’t do so bad!! I actually really like it. And I like this series, can’t wait to see more!
    I agree with you, my recreations never come out looking as good as the original. Sometimes I think it’s also the eye shape that makes a different, but I could be wrong lol. Anyway, I bet that this series will expand your makeup skills even more and you will get better! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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