Spectrum Brushes – Are They Worth the Hype?


I’d been lusting after these beauties since I got into makeup and with my summer job I finally had enough to get my hands on this 10 piece Attention Seeker Set from Spectrum Brushes. But are they worth the hype? Keep reading to find out! 

20067876_895560390591916_1271845727_n - Edited

So first up we have the B01 Flat Top Buffer Brush. This brush is absolutely perfect for applying my foundation. It’s so soft, the perfect density and my foundation blends in so flawlessly when I use it. This brush is amazing.

20117425_895560387258583_1334532495_n - Edited

Then there’s the A01 Large Domed Powder Brush and oh my god is this brush soft. It’s perfect for distributing just the right amount of powder and it’s definitely something I needed as I was using the same Real Techniques buffer brush as a foundation brush, a powder brush and a blush brush before I got this set (pls don’t come at me I am clearly not a guru).

20068393_895560383925250_371535927_n - Edited

Then there’s this A05 Angled Blush Brush. This brush is great for applying the right amount of blush or contour and it’s really handy for blending.

19866448_895560410591914_1458858002_n - Edited

The B03 Buffing Concealer Brush is a brush I never thought I’d use as I generally use my fingers to pat in my concealer, but I actually really like this brush. It’s really useful and it blends my concealer in way faster than my fingers and it’s really helpful for blending it into the undereye areas.

20068438_895560400591915_366276802_n - Edited

The A06 Large Fluffy Shader Brush is great for packing colour and glitter onto the lid. It’s really soft and it’s a great size and density (it’s huge but not too huge).

20068210_895560413925247_996351314_n - Edited

Next up is this B04 Small Angled Blender Brush. I don’t really understand what to do with this brush so I haven’t really had chance to use it at all. (If anyone knows what I can use it for let me know if I’m being silly but I’m really not sure because the shape throws me off).

20068160_895560407258581_669324790_n - Edited

This brush is a godsend, it’s the B06 Tall Tapered Blending Brush. This brush is the perfect shape for running eyeshadows through the crease and it keeps the pigment really well.

20068387_895560420591913_1277538648_n - Edited

Then there’s the A15 Lip Liner Brush, which I haven’t really used much as I’m often in a rush by the time I get to the lip part of my looks. The shape of it seems perfect though as it’s flat with a rounded top, which will work nicely for going around the outer edges.

20117643_895560417258580_2132259902_n - Edited

Now this brush I absolutely love! The A17 Angled Brow Brush is so precise, like genuinely my brows have never looked so precise. In comparison to my Real Techniques one it makes my brows seem more polished and even though it’s a lot smaller it doesn’t take any longer. It’s the type of brush that might finally encourage me to pick up a brow pomade or something as I currently only use a brow gel and this brow kit.

20068354_895560423925246_1296385698_n - Edited

I must admit I haven’t really got any use out of the A09 Angled Eyeliner Brush as I’ve only just got into winged liner and the only liner I have isn’t a gel liner (it’s an MUA felt tip type one). It arrived with a cluster of loose hairs but I got a part refund and just cut them which was fine. Even though I haven’t used it yet it seems like it’ll be very precise which is good.

Overall, these brushes are all amazing quality and they were definitely worth the £40 I paid for them. I still use a couple of my Real Techniques Brushes and I think they’re great quality (check out my review of them here ), but it’s just nice to have a bigger collection, and I like the way these brushes perform so much better. There are a few loose hairs ever so often but I think I just crush them down in my makeup bag, plus they’re easily smoothed out and it doesn’t harm the way they work. The handles of the brushes are massive which is kind of weird to get used to, but they feel so sturdy and the quality and aesthetic is amazing. They look and feel gorgeous and I definitely recommend these if you’re looking to expand your collection. (Also to see how I clean them, make sure you check out this post).

So to answer my question: are they worth the hype…definitely!



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