L’Oréal Pure Clay Purity Mask

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It’s the moment you’ve (maybe) all been waiting for…I’m finally doing a skincare post! I saw the L’Oréal Pure Clay Purity Mask on sale in Superdrug reduced to like £3.59, and I was like why not! I picked up this one because it’s supposed to mattify, and I have quite oily skin, so I thought I’d give it a go. Keep reading to see what it claims to do, and how it’s been working against the mortal enemy of oily and sensitive skin!

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The box says that it deeply purifies and mattifies the skin, getting deep into the pores but not drying the skin out. It sounded exactly like what I needed, and the 10 applications it says it has seemed like a pretty good deal to me! The mask itself smells like roses which is quite nice, and it’s quite a cute colour (if you can even say that about a face mask). The texture is quite thick but not too thick, and it spreads on really easily. I’ve used it about 5 times by now and there’s still loads left, so I think you can really get your money’s worth if you put on a thin layer each time like it says.


So here’s a picture of my skin before I used it for the first time. I was having quite a decent skin day for me, although my undereye bags were quite intense, and I also had my classic cluster of spots between my eyebrows that never go away. My skin was oily as usual and I have a distinct red/blemished face which I can never really shake.

When you put on the mask, it does feel quite tight when it’s drying as it has a mattifying effect, but it’s super comfortable and relaxing. It’s also really easy and comfortable to wash off, unlike the Glow Mask one that I bought for my mum. I borrowed it and it has little exfoliation beads in it, and because my skin is quite sensitive it hurt to wash off no matter how gentle I was, and I also broke out horrendously straight after, which wasn’t fun (just something to be aware of if you have sensitive skin and wanna give these masks a try).


Then this was my face post-mask. My skin looked way less red and the appearance of my pores were minimised. It didn’t do much for my spots but I wasn’t expecting it to, but I feel like it livened up my complexion a bit, even if it didn’t get rid of all of my overall redness. The most important thing was that it completely took away the oiliness of my skin and mattified it perfectly. Obviously it’s not a permanent solution but if you use this mask 2-3 times a week like it recommends, I really feel like it would help in managing oily skin. It didn’t make it feel dry, and my skin also ended up feeling super soft.

I’ve used this mask a few times, and I would include a current skin picture but I’m in the midst of a colossal breakout (we’re talking a constellation of spots down my forehead), (but I know it isn’t the mask, I’ve been trying out a few new things). Overall I love the way that this mask makes my skin feel: it’s super comfortable, it’s not drying and it makes me feel like something other than an oily mess  – what more could I ask for?

I’m really interested to try the Charcoal mask, and the two new ones (especially the blemish rescue one because it’s definitely what I need right now), as I’ve become a bit of a face mask fiend (whoops). Let me know what face masks you use in the comments/ if you’ve ever tried out any of these ones!



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