Blue Highlighter? MUA Ice Sparkle


This is another one of those things that I’d been dying to test out for a long time. I always pine after the icy tones of the Aurora Glow Kit, and this £3 MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in the shade Ice Sparkle seemed like the perfect quick fix! If you’re a bit sceptical of the idea of a blue highlighter, keep reading to see if you can prove yourself wrong. (I picked this up as part as a mini haul a couple of weeks back which you can find here).


As always, the pan is this really pretty swirly wave design that’s an MUA classic. I never wanna disturb it but it’s gotta be done! I really love the pan size of MUA highlights as I think it gives you such good value for money.


As you can see from the swatch, this highlight is super pigmented, which can be dangerous with a coloured highlighter (also sorry for the glittery mess, I’d swatched the Primark ABH Glow Kit Dupe beforehand). It’s really shimmery and if you go in with a light hand and blend well, it gives you this gorgeously pigmented icy glow with a white/blue feel. If you go in a bit too heavily you can end up with a big old patch of blue on your cheekbones which nobody really wants.

(I edited the post to include a picture of me wearing the highlight at request and as you can see it’s super blinding! Also wing appreciation: this is the first winged eyeliner I’ve ever done that didn’t completely suck ayyy) 

Overall, I really love this highlight for statement looks, and if you build and blend it right you get something super blinding and perfect for lighter skin tones. I would definitely recommend trying this and other MUA highlights as I think that they’re such hidden gems! (Click here to see my review of their holographic highlight).




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