Anti-Haul: Jeffree Star Chrome Collection



Source: Insta @jeffreestarupdates

The Chrome Collection finally came out on Friday, but by then I’d already jumped off the hype train because the reveal just really didn’t do it for me ngl. There’s no hate here for Jeffree or his makeup, (I even reviewed the Unicorn Blood liquid lipstick here), I’m just gonna be going through all the products in the collection and giving you my thoughts re why I won’t be buying it as I like to keep it real. (*All other photos used in the post are screenshots from the reveal video because it’s all I had to work with when I planned this post)

Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Firstly I have to say that I really do like the packaging as I think it’s really cute. This first lipstick is called Calabasas, and I think it was the first one Jeffree showed us a preview of if I remember right? The shade is quite pretty but I wasn’t really taken in by it because it just doesn’t seem very unique to me and I reckon I could find something like it in the drugstore (obviously not with the same formula though sadly).

Next up we have Butt Naked, which is a peachy nude. I quite like this shade and it looks really smooth on but I just feel like it would wash me out.

You. Better. Work. is probably my favourite from the collection bc I love a good bold shade, but I also feel like I have plenty of vaguely similar colours for now and I’m not compelled to buy it just yet. (It is stunning though).

This next shade is called Hunty, and it’s just your generic brown nude. For me I feel like if I wanted a colour like this I could pop down to a Nyx stand and get like 500 varieties of this shade like no hate but the Lip Lingerie collection thoughh.

Next up we have Family Jewels, which is a really deep brown shade. Again, I feel like this shade is quite safe and could easily be duped by Nyx or something (I’m not sponsored by Nyx, is just an observation haha).

This one is without a doubt the most interesting shade in the collection – Venus Flytrap. It’s super innovative and I’ve never seen a lipstick like it. The only problem I would say is that it would be a gamble as to whether it was wearable or not, and with the price of these lipsticks it’s quite a hefty gamble.

Next up is Candyass, the first of the two metallics. I’m not a huge fan of shiny or metallic lipsticks so I wasn’t drawn to this one that much. It’s quite a cute colour but I just think it reminds me a bit too much of the colour of a lipstick I used to wear when I was younger so I wouldn’t really wanna wear it now if that makes any sense.

Lastly we have Flamboyant, which is an orangey red with gold tones. This colour is actually quite interesting and it looks cute on, but I don’t love it enough to spend £16 on it, and I prefer darker reds on me tbh.


Lip Ammunitions

The first Lip Ammo is Birkin Suede, which is one of those concealer nudes that makes your lips look like they don’t exist which is not something I’m really into as I find that they wash me out, which is a shame.

This next colour Birthday Suit is quite cute, but I have a really similar lipstick by Sleek with the exact same name so I don’t feel the need to pick this one up.

Star Witness is actually a colour I can get behind. It’s a cute corally terracotta orange that I can see being super wearable, and I love how bright and quirky it is.

Next up we have Thick as Thieves, which is a sort of terracotta reddy-brown colour. I wasn’t really blown away by this colour as I already feel like I have/could get something similar.

Lastly we have Skin Tight, which is a pinky nude. I just really don’t think this colour would be wearable for me as I’m really not a fan of washy nudes, as you can probably tell.


Skin Frosts

The first skin frost is called Summer Snowcone, and I have to say that the colour really puts me off like idk there’s something off about it if that makes sense? Also the pigmentation/glow doesn’t rlly seem worth the price on this one imo.

The final skin frost is called Crystal Ball, and I actually do really like this shade. It’s a nice frosty blinding white with a purple reflect which I love. It’s a lot more impressive than the previous shade and I’d definitely be more inclined to pick this one up.

So those were my thoughts on the chrome collection, if you liked it better than me then you’re entitled to your own opinions and I respect them of course. (I’m not gonna talk about the lip scrubs bc there’s no way I’d buy them as I’m happy with my lush lip scrubs, and there’s not really much detail I can go into about them). Let me know what you thought in the comments but I just feel like this collection as a whole (other than like that last skin frost and those two eccentric  liquid lipsticks) just felt a bit safe for me, and I was quite disappointed overall – but I saved some money I guess!




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