Primark ABH Glow Kit Dupe?


Kasie Beauty

Source: Kasie Beauty

I’d seen the Primark Bronze Highlight and Glow highlighting palette hyped up for so long on social media that I just had to snap it up. From swatches it looked blinding and I had heard that it could be a potential ABH Sun Dipped Glow Kit dupe, and because I don’t own that because it’s expensive af, I decided all the more reason to give it a try! (I bought this product as part of a mini haul, so if you’re interested in seeing that you can check it out here). 

19458186_881393432008612_1027641736_n - Edited

Kasie Beauty 2

Source: Kasie Beauty

So to start with, the packaging isn’t really that similar at all. The ABH one is a lot lighter and has a sort of ombré effect, whereas the Primark one is Bronzey in order to fit in with the palette name; it’s also shiny as opposed to matte. The Primark one also obviously looks a bit cheaper and has a highlighting guide, which the original one doesn’t have. One thing that really is noticeably similar is the pan size, as both palettes have brilliantly large pans.


The Beauty Look Book

Source: The Beauty Look Book

So here are the swatches – as you can see the bottom darker shade in the Primark one (Pool Party) just doesn’t exist in the ABH Glow Kit. It’s also super pigmented but way too dark for me, which resulted in me laughing ridiculously hard when I attempted to make it wearable. My absolute favourite shade in the Primark one is Sunbeam, (the top white one), as I’ve been looking for a nice pure white highlight for a while; it swatches ridiculously pigmented and goes on just as pigmented. Siesta (2nd shade) looks more light gold on camera, but in real life it’s more of a rose gold shade and it looks stunning. I’d say it’s probably closest to Tourmaline from the ABH palette. Sundown (3rd shade), is just your standard gold shade. It’s a bit dark but I can make it work, and it’s really quite similar to Bronzed from the ABH palette.


In this picture I have the white shade on and although it may look blinding in the picture, in real life it’s even more intense! For £4 this palette was an absolute steal as it’s amazing quality, super wearable (Pool Party aside), buildable and a great budget dupe for the £31 ABH glow kit (especially with the pan size). Primark makeup never fails to amaze me and it seems like they’re only getting better. I would 100% recommend this palette – grab it while you can!




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