Maybelline ColorSensational Bolds – Roxxsaurus Collab



I was having a browse in Superdrug the other day (as you do) and this packaging really caught my eye. I’d never tried a Maybelline lipstick and I’m a sucker for cute packaging, so I thought I’d give the Maybelline Color Sensational Bolds lipstick in Sapphire Siren a try. I’ve also been looking for a blue lipstick for a long time now; I don’t think I’ve ever tried out any kind of youtube collab so there’s that! 

I think it goes without saying but the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colour selection and the pattern is super creative. The only thing is that it’s like a sort of stuck on sticker that could potentially peel as it’s come up a bit, but I’m sure if I’m careful with it that shouldn’t be a problem.

19369714_876936542454301_549656013_n - Edited

As you can see from the hand swatch, the pigment is really there. It swatched really smoothly and glided on really well.

19251123_876936529120969_766968105_n - Edited

As you can see from both swatches it suits the name Sapphire Siren really well, and the colour payoff is amazing. The pigment shows in literally one swipe and it goes on so easily. It’s really creamy and comfortable, and you get a nice matte finish without it actually drying down. As far as staying power, it actually holds up really well and its only real enemy is oily food, but that’s the case for all lipsticks really.


I’ve been wearing this lipstick loads (partly to test it out but mainly because I’m in love with it), and for my first ever Maybelline lipstick I’m actually so impressed! The formula is beautiful and at £6.99 the price is actually really good value. Also I feel like I should offer congratulations to Roxxsaurus (I don’t know her or anything, but if this was my collab I would be super proud as it’s a really great product). The range had some other really cute colours, and I just can’t recommend this lipstick enough!




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