Mini Haul: Primark, KIKO, MUA and B.

19184087_875723242575631_329696037_n - Edited

I went on a classic girly shopping trip to Leeds with my friends Hannah and Emily on Saturday and I might have taken advantage of the first payment of my new wages (I’m not even sorry). So I thought I’d just put up a quick post showing you the things I’ve bought as I personally love reading haul posts. I also did it so you can have a sneak peak of what you might be seeing on the blog over the next couple weeks – make sure you’re following to stay up to date! (I also bought like some socks and tweezers but I presumed you wouldn’t wanna see those lmao)


The first thing I picked up was this Superdrug/B. Beauty Makeup Brush Cleanser as it was on sale for like £3.29 or something. I’ve always used baby shampoo on my brushes but I wanted to try something that might be a bit quicker/kinder to my brushes and for that price I thought I might as well give it a go!

19190768_875723389242283_708991927_n - Edited.jpg

Another thing I picked up from Superdrug is the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Ice Sparkle. I’ve been itching to try this since it come out so we’ll see if the colour works!

19184015_875723319242290_2734486_n - Edited

We then went into KIKO (which I blame Hannah for making me obsessed with tbh) and limited myself to three of their nail polishes. I picked up another one of their Glitter Metal Nail Lacquers in the shade 002, another Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer in the shade 023 and then one of their Power Pro Nail Lacquers in 33. I was super impressed with the quality of their nail varnishes when I tried them out for this post, so I’m excited to try more!

19141966_875723252575630_1888996003_n - Edited


Finally I went into Primark and picked up the product I’ve heard a heck of a lot about: the Bronze Highlight & Glow palette. It’s supposed to be a dupe for the ABH Sun Dipped Glow Kit, so it’ll be interesting to put it to the test. (Look out for this post next Friday)!

So that was my little haul from my Leeds shopping trip, I hope you enjoyed reading it and I can’t wait to test these products out for you!



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