Anti-Haul: Jeffree Star Chrome Collection



Source: Insta @jeffreestarupdates

The Chrome Collection finally came out on Friday, but by then I’d already jumped off the hype train because the reveal just really didn’t do it for me ngl. There’s no hate here for Jeffree or his makeup, (I even reviewed the Unicorn Blood liquid lipstick here), I’m just gonna be going through all the products in the collection and giving you my thoughts re why I won’t be buying it as I like to keep it real. (*All other photos used in the post are screenshots from the reveal video because it’s all I had to work with when I planned this post)

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Primark ABH Glow Kit Dupe?


Kasie Beauty

Source: Kasie Beauty

I’d seen the Primark Bronze Highlight and Glow highlighting palette hyped up for so long on social media that I just had to snap it up. From swatches it looked blinding and I had heard that it could be a potential ABH Sun Dipped Glow Kit dupe, and because I don’t own that because it’s expensive af, I decided all the more reason to give it a try! (I bought this product as part of a mini haul, so if you’re interested in seeing that you can check it out here).  Continue reading

Maybelline ColorSensational Bolds – Roxxsaurus Collab



I was having a browse in Superdrug the other day (as you do) and this packaging really caught my eye. I’d never tried a Maybelline lipstick and I’m a sucker for cute packaging, so I thought I’d give the Maybelline Color Sensational Bolds lipstick in Sapphire Siren a try. I’ve also been looking for a blue lipstick for a long time now; I don’t think I’ve ever tried out any kind of youtube collab so there’s that!  Continue reading

Mini Haul: Primark, KIKO, MUA and B.

19184087_875723242575631_329696037_n - Edited

I went on a classic girly shopping trip to Leeds with my friends Hannah and Emily on Saturday and I might have taken advantage of the first payment of my new wages (I’m not even sorry). So I thought I’d just put up a quick post showing you the things I’ve bought as I personally love reading haul posts. I also did it so you can have a sneak peak of what you might be seeing on the blog over the next couple weeks – make sure you’re following to stay up to date! (I also bought like some socks and tweezers but I presumed you wouldn’t wanna see those lmao) Continue reading

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

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18834520_867478293400126_2098765592_n - Edited

18835077_867478100066812_809138523_n - Edited

Yes you guessed it…another chance for me to say “I know I’m late to the party on this one”, because I finally got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette! It has a beautiful selection of colours that everyone has reviewed the shit out of already but to anyone who still doesn’t have it by now I hope this is useful!  Continue reading