KIKO Mini Haul + Review

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When I went shopping in Meadowhall with my mum for a nice early birthday shopping spree the other week I went into the KIKO store for the first time ever. I decided to pick up a couple things to test out as I’d heard good things about them and there was a big sale on. The products I got were their Extra Sculpt Waterproof Mascara, their Smart Fast Dry Nail Lacquer in 007 and their Glitter Metal Nail Lacquer in 05 Blue Indigo. I’d been wanting to try out some KIKO stuff for a while, and I’m really glad I did! 


I was super drawn in by the packaging of this mascara and (I’m sad, I know) I only really bought the waterproof version because it has a shiny blue stripe on it. I think the shape of the mascara is really strange but I actually love it and it sort of mirrors the shape of the wand.


This is what the wand looks like, and as you can see it’s a really weird shape just like its packaging. As I said when I last talked about mascara, I have no idea what a mascara wand is actually supposed to look like or what makes a good one so all I can really say is that it looks interesting and I’ve never had one like it.

I’ve popped in before and after pictures so you can see what it looks like. As far as how it makes my lashes look…I don’t love it. It’s not a bad mascara but I’m just not sure about it. I think they look a little thin and clumpy and like spikey(?) – not sure if you’ll know what I mean by that but ah well. It’s not awful and it’s kinda pretty but it’s also not the best I’ve ever tried. The real question though, is whether it’s waterproof: I’d say it is. It holds up really well, but I find the wand so hard to use due to its shape, making it easier to get bits of mascara everywhere and then not being able to get them off. Overall, it was reduced from £8.90 to £3.90, and I wouldn’t pay full price for it but for £3.90 it’s not bad.


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Now onto the nail varnishes! I don’t think I’ve ever talked about nail varnishes on here so this is a first for me. I think the packaging is really cute and I absolutely love the formula of both of them. The red one is this gorgeous deep dark red that dries ridiculously fast. It only takes just two coats to dry down to a beautiful finish and for £2 reduced from £4.90 the value is insane.

18718436_120332001025332551_682555200_n - Edited

The purple one is unreal, and the packaging is quite fancy bc it has this double lid thing going on. You can use it over a polish, or I prefer to use it on its own. After 3-4 coats it’s so opaque and it’s this beautiful galactic holographic indigo polish with dark blue and pink reflects. It’s so smooth and not chunky at all. Like the red one it goes on super easily and although this one was £3 instead of £2, it was so worth it and I’d definitely even pay full price for it.

18644482_120332001023474108_319174318_n - Edited

Here’s a little picture of how they look on the nails. (I’m sorry for my weird fingers lmao). The picture doesn’t really do the purple/blue one that much justice as it’s way more purple in real life and the reflect is way more subtle.

Overall from this mini haul, I’d say the mascara wasn’t my favourite but I’m really impressed with the quality and price of the nail polishes. I think I’ll definitely pick up more of those as I think they go on much better than like the Barry M ones I usually use.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried out KIKO and what your favourite products are from them, as I’m definitely interested in trying out more stuff. Also re why I’m posting on Wednesday, I’ve decided that since it’s summer I’ll be posting on Wednesdays at 4 as well as Fridays at 4 – so make sure you’re following me on here and on Twitter and Instagram (@makemeupinsidee) to stay in the loop!



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