Too Faced Sweet Peach: Hit or Miss?

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I know you’re probably getting tired of me saying “I know I’m late to the party on this one”, but when it comes to the Sweet Peach palette, I really am late. Since it came out ages ago I’ve really wanted it, and I even did a couple posts about dupes and alternatives here , here and here. I think I’m gonna do a separate post properly comparing it to the main I Heart Makeup dupe because I now own both so I can give a better verdict. What I will tell you though is that I did notice a difference in quality between the two (which of course you would hope for for a Too Faced price). But anyway, let’s get onto the swatches and all that good stuff!

*Also new drinking game: drink everytime I say peach throughout the course of this post

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Even though you’re probably all sick to death of seeing this packaging, I thought I’d include a picture anyway bc it’s so cute. I think the metal packaging is really cool and it definitely feels and looks high end. It is a bit rattly but the magnetic closure is really handy for keeping it closed.

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This is a but of a close up of the inside so you can see the colours a bit better (although there’s only so much an iphone SE camera can do for some eyeshadows in the pan). One thing I almost forgot to mention was the smell – I live and die for the smell of this palette. It smells like peaches (duh), but like an artificial peach smell – the kind of peach smell that peach flavoured sweets have. I(t gives me good memories of when one of my friends used to bring me back peach flavoured Japanese sweets which is a nice bonus).

I think the logo on the inside is also really cute and I like the fact that it includes a mirror because it makes everything a whole lot easier. But I feel like for £39 you’re gonna expect them to whack a mirror on there. Enough about the packaging because I could go on and on about how cute it is…let’s get into the swatches!


This is the first row (top to bottom: White Peach, Luscious, Just Peachy, Bless Her Heart, Tempting and Charmed, I’m Sure). As you can see already the pigmentation is amazing. Even the black and white are really good, which isn’t always the case. I really enjoy using Charmed, I’m Sure in my outer v and to darken up the crease to smoke out everyday looks. I’m inevitably in love with Just Peachy and Bless Her Heart, as I’m a lover of pink and green eyeshadow. Luscious is also a stunning colour for the lid, and it also looks great on the inner corners.


Second row (top to bottom: Nectar, Cobbler, Candied Peach, Bellini, Peach Pit and Delectable). Nectar is a really pretty shade to put in the inner corner or in the centre of the lids. Cobbler is great for a really coppery looks and I love combining it with Puree and Summer Yum from the bottom row. Candied Peach is the shade that just screams Sweet Peach and it’s such a gorgeous colour with subtle little glitters. It does take a little more building up than the other colours but it’s a nice subtle pink. Bellini is a really cute colour as well, and I like the orange shift it has. Peach Pit is gorgeous on the lid for a darker look, and the shimmer in it is so smooth. Delectable is probably the most disappointing shade from this row as it’s kind of chalky and the pigment isn’t really there as much as it is for the other ones. Although I always hear that purples are really hard to make when it comes to eyeshadow so I guess that’s probably why.


Third Row (top to bottom: Peaches ‘N Cream, Georgia , Caramelized, Puree, Summer Yum, Talk Derby To Me). Peaches ‘N Cream is this super muted colour that reminds me of yogurt for some reason. It’s really nice on the lid for subtle, everyday looks. Georgia is another fairly muted shade, but they’re both really buildable and perfect for the lid or the crease, and they look really cute together (sort of like the fruit salad sweets if anyone remembers them). Caramelized is an absolutely stunning lid shade and yes, it’s as smooth as it looks! Puree is a gorgeous crease shade and it’s the base for pretty much all of my looks with this palette; I also like to darken the crease with Summer Yum over the top. Talk Derby to Me is a super interesting shade. It’s pretty pigmented for a black and it has these really visible pink glitters in it (not that you can see that on camera but they are in fact there).


So this is the entire palette swatched; as you can see, the colour variety and the pigmentation is brilliant. All of them apply smoothly and are really good to work with. This palette is perfect for everyday and it’s incredibly versatile and spring/summer appropriate. For £39 the quality is great, the packaging is beautiful and the eyeshadows are super creamy and the quality is great. It also has really good staying power.

For me, this palette is definitely a hit – I’d like to thank my friend @sioban_mua (make sure to check out her instagram) for bringing this palette on a night out and convincing me to buy it bc I don’t regret it one bit.




^ Just a quick subtle look I did with it the other day using Puree and Summer Yum in the crease with a tiny bit of in Charmed, I’m Sure in the outer v and then Georgia on the lid and Nectar on the inner corners.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the palette and any colour combos you love!



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