L’Oréal Miss Baby Roll Mascara

18361621_851398895008066_1297228921_n - Edited

I was super excited when I saw L’Oreal reveal that this was gonna come out as I was instantly drawn in by the adorable pastel packaging. I wasn’t able to get it straight away until I decided to treat myself with the money I’d saved for Leeds fest, and I went for it despite the mixed reviews I saw. A lot of people didn’t like this mascara, but the Miss Manga Lashes one by them is my all-time favourite so I decided to give it a try! 


This is the wand, and I’m not really an expert at judging the quality of mascara wands, so all I can really say about it is that it looks ‘exciting’ to me haha. I was super interested to see how this unique shape would roll my lashes as it seemed to have a sort of helter skelter aesthetic about it. What I did like about the wand was that it was super sturdy; even though I loved the Manga Lashes mascara to death, the actual stem(?) of the wand is kind of thin and bendy on that one.


I’ve popped in a little before and after to show you how it looks. (For some weird reason not a lot of people actually show what mascara looks like in their posts I’m not sure why?) But anyway as you can see, it really rolls out my lashes and I think they look super cute. This is exactly the kind of fluttery lash look I like, and it really adds volume to my boring, thin lashes.

Overall, I just feel like this mascara just gives my lashes life. I love the packaging and the wand, and I find it really easy to use. I use it everyday and I absolutely love it. At £7.99 the price isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but L’Oreal mascaras are always my ride or die without a doubt.





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