Eyeshadow Game Changer – W7 Shade & Swap


I’d never given anything by W7 a try before, but I’d always heard about them doing Urban Decay dupes and stuff and I see them in the makeup bit of Tkmaxx all the time. I was in there other week and decided to grab their Shade and Swap Makeup Colour Swapper on a whim as I thought it might be slightly better than the clearly pro method of wiping eyeshadow on my arm to clean my brush (I’m no guru ok). 


I wasn’t really sure what it was gonna be or how it was gonna work but for £3.99 I thought why not give it a try? It’s pretty simple so I’m not gonna go into a huge amount of detail but basically you go about your standard eye look and then when you wanna change the colour on your brush but you don’t want the other one to be on there, you just rub the brush on the sponge and the colour should clean off. And I’ve gotta say, I don’t know how this thing works, but it does! It actually cleans off the product completely and it just makes my life 10,000x easier when I wanna do a look with varying colours because I don’t have a huge makeup brush collection.

Obviously it doesn’t replace whatever makeup brush cleaning routine you have because it doesn’t sort out bacteria I don’t think (says the hypocrite who hasn’t cleaned her brushes in way too long – don’t judge haha). Regardless it’s a super handy thing to just whip out when you need to make an eyeshadow change. Who knew a sponge would be this life changing? (Definitely not me that’s for sure!)



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