£3 Holographic Highlight

18052574_842861749195114_1423915023_n - Edited

18072741_842861742528448_1633571781_n - Edited

I’d saved a lot of money up for Leeds fest this year but I decided I wasn’t going, so I ended up having a little bit of a clothes shopping spree and also treating myself to some makeup obvs. (Head to my insta to see what I got @makemeupinsidee). It was 3 for 2 at Superdrug and who am I to pass up on that so I got this MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Pearlescent Sheen bc I just fell in love with it and it looked like the colour of highlight I’d been looking for for ages.

18072888_842861759195113_1442724440_n - Edited

I did a little finger swatch and as you can see it’s super pigmented. It’s a little powdery but nothing a good little tap of the brush won’t fix.



My iphone camera doesn’t do it justice but it shows up as like this gorgeous purple space vibey intense highlight. It’s metallic and unique and I love it so much because bold looks are what I live for. You can build this up so well and it lasts really long and sits really well on the face. Obviously you might not be like me and love an intense colour build up but it’s as easy to sheer out as it is to build.

Overall I’m really glad I found this and would definitely recommend it to people who aren’t afraid to experiment with their looks.



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