£5.99 Holy Grail Foundation


The dreaded day came last week when my Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation ran out (the horror – you can check out my review of it here). My student budget didn’t quite stretch to re-buying it, and as would only happen to me in my disaster-prone life I had to get the train home that morning with no foundation to wear to go out for a meal that night. In the hour or so after uni that I had to spare before my train I dashed into Superdrug, swatched a foundation, said “That’s probably fine”, and ended up with the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation (normal to oily) in the shade 105 Natural Ivory.

After I’d rushed out the shop I dropped a quick message to the makeup society group chat asking them if I’d mugged myself off but it turns out it’s a foundation a few of them regularly use – so I’d really hit the jackpot! 


Going from a pump bottle to a tube was kind of difficult at first e as you’ve got to be really careful about the amount you get out. I found that this amount was enough to provide me with the coverage I wanted, but it’s super buildable and doesn’t really get cakey when you do. The foundation feels super lightweight and natural, and it’s quite easy to blend.



Sorry for the alien look that you get when you wear foundation and nothing else, but this is how it looks on. It really does the job of blurring and mattifying my skin and minimising the appearance of pores. I also think that to say I chose it ridiculously fast, it’s a really good match for my skin colour and it’s also quite brightening. I think the amount of coverage is perfect, however my freckles do tend to be a bit hard to cover up with just the initial coat, so I find myself naturally still having to use concealer or popping a tiny bit more on.


This is what the foundation looks like with the rest of my makeup added. I really like how natural it looks, and how well the rest of my foundation applied on top of it. I feel like it’s a better match skin-wise for me than my Urban Decay one as it just makes my makeup look so much more natural whilst also being flawless, and for the price it’s a lot more cost-effective. It wears away really nicely and it has pretty good staying power. I don’t always prime but when I do (mostly on nights out), I use the Maybelline Baby Skin primer, which you can read my review of here , and I think that they work really well together. Overall I would hands down call this the best drugstore foundation I’ve ever tried, and definitely a worthy replacement for my UD one; while you do only get 30ml, £5.99 for a foundation as good as this is really quite a bargain!



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