49p Cream Eyeshadows? B. is for Beautiful

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17814107_833228186825137_1034799465_n - Edited

I’ve been trying to cut down on buying makeup recently; as you can see from this post, that just hasn’t been working out that well! But to give me some credit, these cream eyeshadows from Superdrug were on sale for just 49p each! Me being me and seeing a bargain, I bought all three shades to try out. I’d never really delved into the cream eyeshadow world before (or even the individual eyeshadow world), so let’s get into my review of the B. Stunning Vibrant Eyeshadows!

So I picked these up in three colours, and as far as I’m aware these are the only colours they have in this collection but I’m not 100% sure. The colour names are Copper, Graphite and Royal, and I think the names really are true to the colours. The packaging is cute and it feels good quality for the ridiculously low price that I paid. It also comes with quite a lot of product for the price as well, which you can’t really argue with.


When I swatched these I was completely blown away by the pigmentation. For cream shadows they seemed so opaque and the glitter in them, especially in the black shade, seemed absolutely beautiful. Copper is this beautiful rusty, well, copper shade, while Graphite is this gorgeous pitch black with midnight blue shimmer running through it. Then there’s also Royal which is a really nice deep purple with more subtle shimmer running through it. I was a bit sceptical of them and how they’d perform on my actual lid, as a lot of times eyeshadows don’t look as good on the lid, especially when it comes to cream shadows.

And when I put these on….boy was I onto a winner! They transfer really well and blend really well (which got rid of my fears about the black one, as an over-pigmented, non-blendable black is not what anybody wants)! These eyeshadows are absolutely stunning and they’re really long-lasting. I wore Copper on my lid for the entire day from about half 8 onwards and it was just so comfortable. When I got home and even into the night it continued to shine on! It just gives you that gorgeous foiled look we all want. 

I’d always seen the brand B. in Superdrug, and all I really knew about it was that they’re cruelty free which is pretty cool. But I can safely say that I want to know a whole lot more after trying these! I’m absolutely obsessed with these eyeshadows and I really wish they’d bring out more colours because the quality in comparison to the price is absolutely unreal tbh. B. is a brand that’s definitely on my radar now because I’ve been getting a ridiculous amount of use out of these eyeshadows, and I’d 100% recommend them to anyone looking to branch out into the cream eyeshadow world!



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