Primark Insta Girl Intense Liquid Lipsticks and Liners

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I saw Primark advertise these PS Insta Girl Intense Liquid Lipsticks on Twitter and I knew I had to give them a try, as I’ve been really keen to try a satin finish lipstick for a while now. They were £2 each and they had lip liners to match which I went back and bought afterwards (I’ll explain why), so I just chucked them into a basket with my clothes and decided to give them a try! 

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I picked this up in two colours out of the three that they had (I think), as I didn’t fancy a red and I was drawn in by the other two, especially the grey. I think the packaging is dead cute and super sturdy. They have white lids which is fairly unique for a liquid lipstick as they’re usually black. It really brings out the pastel aesthetic of the grey colour.

17410402_821910311290258_1256136615_n - Edited

They swatched really nicely and the pigmentation seemed impressive. I tried Insta Glam (grey) out first as I was itching to get it on my lips; I loved the colour and I was obsessed with its uniqueness but my lip colour was sort of showing through it as it wasn’t completely opaque. Me being me I went back to Primark the next day to buy the liners for both colours as I was determined to make this grey work. For £1.50 each I thought I might as well get the liner for It Girl (red-toned pink) as well to make it pop even more than just being a “my lips but better” situation.


17505888_824917710989518_681568754_n - Edited (1)

As you can see, the matching liners…well… they match (haha). No but seriously they’re really good matches and again I love the packaging. They’re super creamy and easy to apply – I’m really impressed for the price and from now on I’ll definitely believe the Primark lip liner hype. They claim to be smudge proof and waterproof which I was very interested by.

17505815_824802414334381_2129825193_n - Edited


This is what both of the lipsticks look like on my lips over the lip liners – let me tell you it made a world of difference. I think they look really nice, and the lip liners just give them that much more depth and make for coverage that’s a lot more even. They look great on and they actually last really well through eating and drinking, and although they’re not smudge proof, they’re actually quite strong. They don’t feel drying like a matte lipstick as obviously they’re a satin finish, but the only thing is that they’re quite sticky. You can blot it away a little bit if you want, but it’s not really a huge problem I wouldn’t say.


Overall, it turns out I’m a big fan of a satin finish and I love the colour of both of these. It may be slightly sticky but for £2 you just can’t go wrong (feel like this is literally my catchphrase). I love the lip liners, the colours of the products and the packaging. I also think the name of the range is really cute, and I’d definitely recommend these lipsticks!  (Primark wins again!)

If you fancy reading about some more Primark liquid lipsticks, you can find my posts about them here and here.






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