Testing Technic Cosmetics #2



This week I’m super excited to be able to share some of the new range by the underdog drugstore brand: Technic Cosmetics! I was really happy that I got another chance to work with them and to see what they’ve come up with since my first post, which you can check out here.

This time around, I was sent their Colour Correcting Setting Powder, their Brow Pen Eyebrow Definer in Medium Brown, their Shimmer Shadows Eyeshadow Primer, their Mega Lash Mega Volumising Mascara, and their Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder in 24ct Gold. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of product types and decided to try them pretty much daily over the course of a week and the half. I’m gonna be giving you my first impressions, general thoughts and both the pros and the cons to keep it real – so let’s get into it! (I also left the rrp when I could find the products, but they’re all fairly new and hard to find).

Colour Correcting Setting Powder

17354842_819617154852907_7302612_n - Edited

I was really intrigued by the concept of this powder, and from its yellow aesthetic and its colour correcting claims, I presumed that it was a banana powder type thing.


  • It does in fact colour correct, which you can’t really complain about.
  • It looks super natural and I really like the tone of it.
  • The powder is really soft.
  • The applicator works fairly well. For a little spongey thing I was pleasantly surprised! It really helps pack it on there.
  • The packaging is a nice, sturdy plastic. You’d be hard pressed to break it, although knowing me……
  • I tried it on one side of my face and used my usual setting powder on the other side, and I was really impressed with how it performed in comparison to my holy grail.
  • It adds coverage, which is really cool.


  • It’s a loose powder, so it goes everywhere when you apply it (especially if you’re me)
  • The plastic top thing is really hard to take out at times.
  • It wasn’t invincible in the face of my oily skin – but what makeup really is?

General Thoughts:

I thought that the powder was nice and lightweight, and it did in fact colour correct pretty well. It was really soft and I really liked the way it made my skin look. Overall I was super impressed, especially for the price I was seeing this sold for online, and I’ll definitely be using this more often!

RRP: £2.49

Brow Pen

17352794_819617188186237_898237715_n - Edited

17354962_819617181519571_925347847_n - Edited

My first thoughts were that this was gonna be your standard brow pen, but the applicator seemed super unique.



  • I was actually quite impressed with the pigment of this brow pen.
  • The colour of it matches my natural hair colour really well, which I appreciated.
  • It actually has really good staying power, which was especially apparent when I was walking around with brow pen swatches on my hand all day long (oops)!
  • I really like the way it brings my brows together, and it goes really well with my brow kit.


  • The applicator actually turned out to be quite difficult to use. It’s not your average felt tip applicator as it has flat edges and then a flat tip.
  • I see what they were going for, as I think you’re supposed to be able to use the tip for more control and the flat sides for like your main brows. However it’s quite hard to tell where the product is gonna come out from/focus itself so it’s kind of hard to be precise.

General Thoughts: 

I love the pigment and the colour of this brow pen. The colour is a perfect match and the product provides the definition I need, however the applicator really doesn’t make it easy. I think if this had a kind of traditional felt tip applicator, then the distribution of the product would be a lot easier to grapple with. I’ll probably still try and get to grips with this as it definitely has potential!

Eyeshadow Primer

17360732_819617158186240_1321415461_n - Edited


The colour of this seemed really versatile, and I’d never had any experience with an eyeshadow primer before so I was excited to dive in.


  • The colour is nice and versatile.
  • I actually have noticed a difference in the overall appearance of the shimmer shadows I tested on top of the primer.
  • The product dries fairly quickly which is great if you’re in a rush.


  • There’s a kind of weird tingly, eye-watering sensation sometimes when you apply the product – I’m not sure why that would be a thing.
  • The applicator doesn’t work great, patting it on with your finger works better to stop the eyeshadows you put on top of it from creasing.
  • I didn’t really notice a massive difference in the staying power of the eyeshadows when I used it.

General Thoughts:

Despite the weird tingling sensation and the creasing potential, this is actually not bad. It makes eyeshadows stand out more, but it doesn’t really increase their staying power.

RRP: £1.69

Mega Lash Mascara 

17328227_820725911408698_1632330405_n - Edited

17361171_820726271408662_1158198691_n - Edited

My favourite mascara is actually running out (the horror), so I was stoked to see that a mascara was included, and one supposed to provide mega volume at that! The packaging seemed really sleek and the brush looked super promising.


  • The packaging feels and looks really professional.
  • The brush is the perfect shape to coat all your lashes and give them mega volume.
  • The product applies really nicely and the brush is easy to use.
  • I love the way it makes my eyelashes look.
  • It dries really quickly which is good if you have a tendency to aggressively blink and get your eyeshadow everywhere.


  • Literally the only bad thing I have to say about it is that the writing on the packaging has already begun to wear off, but it isn’t a reflection on the quality of the product by any means.

17352975_820726908075265_427355168_n - Edited

General Thoughts: 

To put it simply: I was blown away by this mascara. I love it so much – it gives my lashes great volume, it looks amazing and the brush is really good. I’m definitely gonna be using this everyday!

RRP: £4.00

Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder:

17274232_819617034852919_1205433715_n - Edited

17360903_819617038186252_1278574760_n - Edited

I was obsessed with the look of this highlighter in the packaging, but I was a little apprehensive about the tone of it at first, as I’m fairly pale.


  • This highlight is RIDICULOUSLY pigmented – like it’s seriously unreal. I was blinded.
  • The formula is so so buttery and it feels really nice.
  • It has just the right amount of glitter without being chunky.
  • It’s really long lasting and it wears very well.
  • It makes an insanely beautiful eyeshadow.


  • I was so sad about this, but being the pale-ass girl I am, if I apply too much at once it’s blinding, but it’s also pretty bronzing. If I dip into it with a light hand and then build it up slowly, it’s actually so pretty.
  • My packaging was broken when I got it so it doesn’t close properly, so am not sure why that is.

General Thoughts: 

I am here for this highlight. I was blown away by the quality of this product and I’ll definitely be using it regularly. The formula seemed to have improved since the first highlighter of theirs that I tried – it was much more reflective and buttery than the first one. I wish I was less pale so that I could go straight in and reach people from space with it but ah well – I can also use it as a sick eyeshadow!

RRP: £1.79

The Verdict 

Technic Cosmetics have this crazy habit of really pulling it out the bag. They may be an underdog but they certainly pack a punch (and they’re cruelty free which is super cool)! This selection of products really blew me away, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to experience their new range. My absolute favourite product would have to be that mascara, as it’s so flattering and amazing. I would definitely recommend that you check this brand and these products out, as they’re affordable and damn well worth it! If you want to see my last Brand Spotlight, you can find it here. (You can find these products on Love Thy Makeup, or in your local Bodycare).





*I was sent these items but this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own*







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