Makeup Revolution Matte Lipstick – Chauffeur



On the same shopping trip I mentioned in last week’s post about my holy grail contour kit, I also picked up what has become my current favourite brown nude – Chauffeur by Makeup Revolution. At just £3 it’s super affordable and amazing quality, so let’s get into it! To start with, there’s no doubt that the packaging is really nice, and it feels quite high end. It’s strong, has a nice closure and reminds me a lot of Mac’s packaging (see my reviews of Mac lipsticks here and here). I also love the rose gold detailing but like I always say, who doesn’t love rose gold?


As you can see from the swatch it’s very pigmented. It’s really creamy and it applies really easily and idk if it’s just me, but I think it smells really nice!


17238479_816505171830772_2056733502_n - Edited

I think that it looks super flattering on the lips, and that it’s a really easy-to-wear everyday nude. It feels really comfortable; you barely even notice it when you’re wearing it. As far as its lasting power, it actually lasts fairly well and puts up a decent fight when you’re eating and drinking, but be aware that it’s gonna transfer a little bit to your cups or whatever. When it does fade, it fades away gracefully and doesn’t go everywhere which I always appreciate, and for £3 I just think you can’t really go wrong!

This is definitely my staple lipstick right now, and it’s just so complimentary, whether you use it to emphasise those smoky eyes or to keep your everyday looks nice and simple. One thing’s for sure – Makeup Revolution always knows how to win me over!




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