Primark Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick



My best friend Emily was up this week and we found ourselves going shopping (I mean how can you not). We popped into Primark and I saw this little gem in the makeup section that I just had to have! It’s the new PS…PRO Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick in 01…Nude in Private.  Despite my slight scepticism based on the last liquid lisptick I bought from them (find my review here), I was super optimistic about this one. It claims to be Ultra Long Lasting, to have No Transfer Film, and to contain Vitamin E. Some pretty bold claims for £3 (I think it cost that anyway), so let’s get into it! 

First off I wanna quickly say that for £3, I really like the packaging. I think it doesn’t feel cheap at all, it has a good closure, and it doesn’t look like a drugstore product at all. The applicator is flat, but I actually quite like these kinds of applicator as they’re quite easy to use.



In terms of the swatch, it seems like quite a deep pink, but it appears to have a slight lilacy tinge to it when you put it on the lips which I love. It goes on beautifully, it feels creamy and it dries down to a nice matte finish. It also has this gorgeous, subtle pink shimmer running through it.


Source: Betties on a Budget

It also gave me slight Sugarpill Trinket vibes, especially in the picture above where it shows it before drying on the left. So if you want that kind of shimmer aesthetic for cheap, then definitely check this out I’d say.

The only slight problem with it is that it kind of emphasises the lines and imperfections of my lips a little, but nowhere near as badly as the other one I reviewed highlighted them, and that’s just something that happens with every other liquid lipstick. It’s a tiny bit drying, but it’s not hugely uncomfortable, and I think they’ve really improved the formula on this one, (plus my lips are also like a graveyard rn).

Now onto the claims: 

I can’t comment on the Vitamin E claim, but I’ll probably just take their word for it as it’s a strange thing to lie about. In terms of it being long lasting, I would say that it does last a fair amount of time for the price, and it doesn’t get messy or transfer to cups or straws. And onto the main event…is it kiss proof? Yes and no. It’s hard to say – I think if you layer it too much then potentially no as if I repeatedly kissed my hand, it would come off for a couple times and then not anymore. But if I applied less or let it dry for a while, there was no transfer at all.

Overall, I’m super impressed with Primark on this one. I think they’ve done a really good job and I love the colour. It’s not perfect, but I can definitely say that I’ve been wearing it and that I’ll continue to wear it, as even though it’s a little drying, I love the colour, the finish and the lack of transfer. I’d also been looking for this kind of colour for ages, so there’s that! There was only one other colour in the range I think, and I didn’t get it because I already owned something similar. I’d love for them to expand this range, because I really like it so far.

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried this, although I haven’t seen anyone talk about these yet!



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