Sunset Eye Tutorial


As I’m writing this I’m realising that my blog’s been a bit tutorial heavy atm, so let me know what you think! Today I’m gonna be showing you a tutorial for a look that I think is super cool and doable (beauty gurus eat your heart out)! All jokes aside, I think this look is really cute and it’s not even that hard to replicate, so let’s get into it!


I first just started by using Bump, the classic white base as a way to make this colourful look pop.




I then went in with my favourite colour Seize in the crease. Also sorry for the mess that was my brows when I took these pictures, but I was being v lazy with them oops.




I then went in with the tropical-esque colour Jones all over the lid to provide a nice colour to build on for the rest of the look. It’s actually I really cute colour and it reminds me of sweets for some reason. Also another apology for the state of my nails because again, I am lazy.




I then popped the rusty Warning on the outer half of my lid and blended a tiny bit into my crease to darken it up a bit.




After that I went in with the cute and powerful yellow, Calavera, from the inner third to the middle of my lid and blended it in.

I then just went in with a little more of Jones in the middle, blended everything out and tidied it up a bit. I also highlighted the inner corner with Bump, and then went in on my lower lash line with Warning on the outer portion, Jones in the middle, and Calavera on the inner portion. Then I smoked that all out, added mascara and this is the finished look!

For someone like me who doesn’t really consider myself to be overly great at makeup, I was actually super proud of this look and I spent a lot of time on it, so I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

If you’re interested in the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette, you can find my review of it here. (P.s. I know I’ve talked about this palette a ridiculous amount – I’m not sponsored even though ofc I wish I was, I just love it)! Let me know what you think of the look as I’m always excited to hear your thoughts.

See you next week!

(To find out what brushes I use, check out this post).



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