Valentine’s Day Pink Perfection Eye Look


Now I’m no beauty guru, but I’m pretty proud of this look I created. It’s fairly simple but I really like it, and I just think it’s a cute, girly look that would suit anyone and any occasion. I wore it on my early Valentine’s date with Rory when he came up to uni to visit me and it made me feel so cute…so I’m now gonna attempt to show you how I made it happen! (I’m using the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette for this, which I reviewed here, but of course you can use whichever eyeshadows you prefer to recreate this look).


So I just started off with a simple white base to really make the colours pop and blend well.



I then went in with a bit of Seize in the crease, which is absolutely amazing for brightening up any look, and it’s one of my favourite crease colours.



After that, I popped some Alchemy into my outer v and blended it into my crease a little bit just to darken it up and also add some definition.



I then went in with Paranoia all over my lid. It’s a really pretty lilac colour with a slight shimmer that works perfectly for building on top of in this look.



I then put Gossip (a stunning pink, I know) onto the inner and outer thirds of my eye and blended it in. I also ran a little bit of it through my crease to further add dimension to the look.



After that, I added some of the white to the middle lid to provide a nice base for Iced, a beautiful white glitter that I went absolutely ham with over the top of the white.


Finally, I ran Gossip (that super vibrant barbie pink) along the inner and outer halves of my lower lashline, and I put the white and Iced in the middle; I did this to make the eyes appear bigger and also more finished and balanced. I then cleaned up the edges, highlighted the browbone and the inner corners, and applied a generous coating of mascara to make the finished look!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that this eye look helps you find/feel the love (don’t sue me if you don’t though haha). I think it’s super simple, and even if you mess up, it’s really easy to improvise and take the look wherever you want it to go. I paired this look with a nice light-ish brown for my date to really emphasise it and it worked really well! (Also if you’re a little bit bolder, or you wanna make this look really pop for a night out for example, then try adding a pop of glitter liner such as this one).

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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