My Holy Grail Brow Kit – Soap and Glory


Now I didn’t used to be a brow person, but once you brow you never go back (needs work, I know). I started off my brow adventures using the Essence brow kit which I reviewed here, but when I won this Soap and Glory Archery DIY Brow Bar in a Makeup Society raffle, my brow routine was a whole new ball game.

Keep reading to find out why this handy little compact quickly became a staple in my routine!


I really love the packaging of this kit as (like all S&G packaging) it’s super cute and has a hint of pink. The closure of the little compact is really good and the mirror is a decent size for doing your brows on the go!


Inside the compact you get these two little brushes – one of them is to do your actual brows with but it’s so small that it gives me finger cramps, so I tend to use the real techniques brush that I covered in this post. The other one has a black brush for applying the wax on one end, and a spooly on the other, so this brush is very handy (though I’d obviously use the other brush on the go if I was really in a pinch).


In terms of product you get two brow powders, some wax and a highlight. As you can see from the swatches, the two powders are really pigmented (I definitely advise using a lighter hand, especially with the darker one), and they’re just different enough to give you a bit of variety to work with if you have a sort of in-between brow colour. I like to use Love is Blonde over the majority of my brows as Dark Chocolate is way too dark to just whack on like crazy, but I do use a small amount of it to define the shape of my brow in the arch area.

The brow-bone highlight is obviously nothing that will make you glow for the Gods, but it just makes sure that your brows have that extra help to make them look as natural as possible whilst still having that fierce edge we all know and love. I really love the wax as it works perfectly for priming my brows for the powder, and when you combine them it creates a super natural look.

*Update: I added in a before and after picture at the request of Of Lashes and Leith, just ao you can see the difference it makes. (I’m no brow expert, but you can definitely see a drastic change).*

Overall, I’ve been using this kit since December, and it’s made my brows so much more fun to do. I definitely prefer this brow product to other ones I’ve tried in the past and I’m going to be so sad when it runs out. For £12.00 it’s hardly a steal, but I’m very glad that I got the chance to try it out, and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a really good, easy to use brow kit! If you’re put off by the price I’d say you can’t put a price on a holy grail (unless you’re a student like me)!

P.S. Let me know your holy grail products in the comments as I always love hearing about them.




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