Cheap Peach VS Sweet Peach #2 – Chocolate and Peaches (dupe)



Source: Tam Beauty

So for the second product in my Cheap Peach VS Sweet Peach series, I decided to review the I Heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches palette. (You can find the first in the series here). As you’ll be able to see from the colour selection and the packaging, it’s clearly meant to be a dupe for Sweet Peach, but does it actually measure up? Keep reading to find out!

So first I’m just gonna quickly touch on the packaging, as it’s clearly not designed to be exactly the same. The colour of the I Heart Makeup palette is lighter and more on the orange side of peachy with the classic plastic chocolate bar palette design and no logo, while the Too Faced one is that classic gradient tin that we’re all too familiar with. I really like the closure of the IHM palette, and as I don’t own the Too Faced palette I can’t compare the overall quality, but I like both styles of packaging respectively.


Left to right: Delicious, Fruit, Soft, Choc, Delight, Sweet, Candy, Rich, Peach, Taste, Nice, Lush, Fine, Lucious, Keen, Satisfy

So jumping to the inside of the palettes, you can kind of already see which shades are supposed to be dupes, and that the elongated highlight pans make up the space of the dupes they couldn’t replicate. They all seem to literally be arranged in the same order with a couple exceptions. The shadows look super bright in both pans, and they both have decent pan sizes. The main differences are the lack of a couple shades, which I’ll get into in a minute, and the fact that the IHM palette doesn’t smell like peaches, although it does have an artificial chocolate-like smell.



Now as you can see from the swatches, the IHM palette is actually super pigmented; I was blown away by just how pigmented it actually was when I first used it. I’ve been using this all week and I actually really love it; I’ve found that I have to use a light hand with some of the colours, especially the matte browns. The colours blend really nicely and there’s a really unique variety, although I will say this – the matte browns are very similar.

Now onto the dupe potential! I’m gonna be comparing the shades in groups of three, with the Too Faced ones listed first in swatch order. (White Peach, Nectar, Peaches ‘n Cream VS Delicious, Sweet and Satisfy). White Peach is actually pretty pigmented for a drugstore white and I think it compares really well. As for Sweet, it’s less pigmented and more golden than yellow, however I find it to be nice and subtle. Satisfy is slightly more kind of skin-coloured than Peaches ‘n Cream, but I like to use it as a base/transition shade.

Next, Luscious, Cobbler and Georgia VS Fruit, Candy and no dupe). I really like how similar the Luscious dupe is, the Cobbler dupe I think is super similar and really pretty, and there’s no actual dupe for Georgia.

Then we have Just Peachy, Candied Peach and Caramelized  VS Soft, Peach and Rich. Soft is a little less pigmented than Just Peachy, although it has this really pretty sort of golden duochrome aesthetic. Candy is ridiculously similar to Candied Peach, although I’d actually say that it’s more vibrant! I think I like this shade the most out of the whole palette. Rich is a little less opaque and a little lighter but I still think it’s really cute and buildable.

Next up we have Bless Her Heart, Bellini and Puree VS Choc, Lush and Keen. Choc is a really pretty green colour with just the right amount of grey tone that makes it very similar to Bless Her Heart in the palette, and Lush is a lot more muted and matte than Bellini, but it’s still a fairly good match. Keen is a lot earthier than Puree, and also not as pigmented, but it’s okay for adding very subtle dimension.

The next trio we have is Tempting, Peach Pit and Summer Yum VS Delight, Taste and Lucious. As is the case with a lot of the dupes in this palette, Delight is shimmery while Tempting is matte, however props to I Heart Makeup for actually creating a decently pigmented black! Taste is actually a really close dupe to Peach Pit in colour I would say, but it’s a lot more glittery. As for Lucious, I wouldn’t say it was a dupe for Summer Yum as it’s more of a terracotta orange, but it’s probably the closest in colour match.

Finally, we have Charmed, I’m sure, Delectable and Talk Derby To Me VS no dupe, no dupe and Nice. There are no dupes for the first too, but I actually really like Nice. It’s black with quite chunky pinky-purple glitter in it, and I just think it’s super unique; I can’t tell if Talk Derby To Me has this aesthetic or not.

Overall, as you can see this palette isn’t an exact dupe for Sweet Peach, but it’s damn close. I really like the forrmula, but I obviously can’t compare it to the real one because I don’t own it. The shades are really easy to work with, not insanely pigmented but pigmented for the price and definitely buildable. I think Makeup Revolution/I Heart Makeup are really growing as a brand and they’ve definitely outdone themselves with this one! I think that in owning this I don’t actually need to buy the Sweet Peach palette as I have everything I need right here. (Wouldn’t hurt to have it of course haha). At £7.99 it’s definitely a steal, (and when I bought it I had £4 worth of points and discount, so I only paid £2.40)!

Let me know if you’d like to see a look with this palette, I mean I’m no beauty guru but I always give it my best. See you next week!




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