Cheap Peach VS Sweet Peach #1 – MUR Chocolate Vice 



So I thought of this punny title and decided that the next couple weeks on my blog would be dedicated to finding budget ways to replicate the Too Faced Sweet Peach kind of vibe. This week I’m gonna be revisiting the Makeup Revolution Chocolate Vice palette and recreating this super simple eye look (you can find my more in-depth review of it here including swatches and things). So enough rambling, let’s get into it!

*Stick around until the end to find out what exciting peachy treat I have in store for next week!*

Ok so I started off by just prepping my lids with a white base in order to make the colours blend easier and appear nice and bright. I then went in with this nice light brown shade which I find to be a perfect crease/transition shade. (To find out what brushes I use, check out this post).


Next I went in with this darker brown colour in my outer V and blended it into my crease to darken it up a little and give it a little dimension. However I’d say don’t go too dark with this look if you want a really sort of smoky yet vibrant peach look.

Next, I first went in with that darker pink colour first and put it all over the lid, before adding the pink colour over the top of the inner half of my lid and blending it out to create this really cute peachy colour.


I then added a generous amount of this really cute yellow-gold shade to add that little bit extra to the look. I think it just compliments the peachy pink tones so well, and it doesn’t make the look too dramatic for everyday wear. (p.s. sorry that my phone camera really doesn’t do it justice from close up, I can assure you it is in fact both vibrant and shiny).


So I then just went in with my mascara and ran the two pinks along my lower lash line a little bit, and this is the finished look! I think this is a super cute, pigmented and really wearable look. It’s so easy even an idiot like me can do it, and for £7.99 it’s way more Cheap Peach than Sweet Peach! Let me know if you’d like to see a sort of full face routine thing to see what other products I used as I think that could be fun to do; I’ll see you next week for another Cheap Peach post about a potential  Sweet Peach dupe!

P.S. Life has been a bit strange this week because I’ve come back to uni. Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@makemeupinsidee) to see what I get up to on my story as well as blog post sneak peeks!



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