Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner (What I got for Christmas #3)



If you’re into glitter then just you wait until you get your hands on this showstopper! From my Urban Decay Masterclass post, you’ll know that I was in love with these glitter liners so I was more than a little bit pleasantly surprised to get the Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Amp for Christmas. You know how much I love a good bold look, and I’m definitely not afraid to wear this every day!

(Keep reading for swatches and my first impressions!)


So as you can see from the swatch, this liner is a flood of blues and greens and silvers. For a glitter liner it’s so much more pigmented than I expected (although I’m on the Urban Decay hype train so I expect great things from them anyway), and it applies so easily. I mean, I’m one uncoordinated individual when it comes to eyeliner and just about anything else and can manage it.

The lasting power of this eyeliner is actually unreal – like even if your eyeshadow is gone by the end of the day this definitely won’t be! However it does stay wet for a while after you apply it so be careful to let it dry before you put on mascara.

Even though it comes across green/blue on the eye, I use it with a whole host of colours and looks because that’s just me. I just think it can glam up an average eye look so well, or make an already glam look even more glam! I’m absolutely obsessed with this liner and I think I’d definitely be interested in picking up some of the other colours if I had the chance – I’m once again all set to be forever impressed by Urban Decay. I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone who loves to let loose with glitter!

*Also just a quick update – I finally got my phone back, so the quality of the photos on my blog will hopefully improve now… However my laptop is broken so I might have to try and use the app to write posts for a while when I go back to Edinburgh – wish me luck!*




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