Mac Stone – A Mac Classic (What I got for Christmas #2)



I was actually so surprised when I opened Stone, the Mac classic. My mum completely blindsided me as she knew I’d been wanting a brown lipstick for so so long and I felt so lucky to finally own one, let alone the famous Stone. This brown is not what it seems though and it’s actually a super unique shade when you see it in real life.


In the swatch it comes across this gorgeous chocolatey brown colour that’s the stuff of brown lipstick dreams. As usual with Mac lipsticks it’s an amazing formula that just glides on so smoothly (as you can see in my review of their Ariana Grande collab here), and it also smells really great.



When I actually put it on my lips, the tone of it takes an interesting turn. On camera it looks like a super chocolatey brown, but in some lights I see it as a kind of purple-grey toned brown. In real life it comes across as being super dark, super me and super pigmented. This lipstick is my new obsession and if I can get away with wearing it on a daily basis, then I do it where I can. For me this is an incredibly wearable shade that compliments a lot of looks.

Overall, this lipstick is amazing and I would strongly recommend it. It would be really interesting to see how it looks on different skin tones. I’m forever impressed by the quality of Mac products and I’d say that their lipsticks were definitely worth their moderately hefty price tag. (Also I know I was super late to the Mac party but better late than never, right?)

I hope you enjoyed reading; let me know if you got any Mac/makeup goodies for Christmas in the comments as I love reading about what other people got for Christmas!



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