December Glossybox



I was super excited to receive this Glossybox due to the sugar and spice theme, wondering which one I would get. The products in the box were chosen to compliment whichever colour of lipstick you got, which is a really great idea. Also the packaging for this month’s both is really nice and different. I actually ended up getting sugar, which I was really excited about – let’s get into the nitty-gritty of my second ever Glossybox!


So I’m gonna start with my favourite product from the box – the GOSH Mono Eyeshadow in Dark Green (very inventive name haha). As you all will know if you read my Urban Decay Masterclass post, and if you know me in general, you’ll know that I’m obssessed with green right now. The packaging is really nice and sleek, and when I saw this eyeshadow I literally died. It’s a super pigmented, shimmery dark green and I think I’m actually in love. (There is a bit of fallout though). I haven’t tried it out on my eyes yet but I can’t wait until I do!

*Update: The glitter is quite chunky but I actually really like the way this eyeshadow look. I don’t really reach for it at all though.

RRP: £8.99


The next product was this Revlon Nail Enamel in Gray Suede, which is this really nice greige colour. It claims to last for ten days and to be chip resistant ,but I haven’t had it on for more than a couple of minutes on one nail to try out the colour, so I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that that’s a very hefty claim. It goes on really well and dries super quickly; plus that colour is really in right now, so I’m actually really happy this was in there.

*Update: This nail varnish lasts really well and the colour is really cute, but it doesn’t last the full 10 days it claims.

RRP: £6.49


Next up there’s the Lipcote Browcote, which is kind of like a brow gel/mascara to seal them. I’ve never used anything like this, but it sounds like it really works and it has 100 applications a bottle which is a huge amount. I’m gonna give this a try when I go to my boyfriend’s friend’s wedding tomorrow, so I’ll update you then! I think that for the price this sounds like a real steal to be honest.

*Update: I absolutely love this product. It keeps my brows in place really well, and it just works amazingly if you wanna give them a final shape when you’re done with them. It works great on its own or on top of your other brow products – it’s a must-have!

RRP: £6.99


Then there was the Essence Light Up your Face Luminizer palette. I’ve reviewed a couple products by Essence before, and you can find the posts for those here and here. I wasn’t confident about this one at first, based on its description of the browny orange shade as a “nude highlight”, because from the diagram on the back you can tell it’s supposed to be a contour shade. I tried to contour with it but it doesn’t really show up that well and blends to nothing, so I’m really not sure about it. As far as the other highlighters, they’re actually really pretty but very subtle, which is not a bad thing but I love a dramatic highlight every once in a while.

To be honest I think for the price it’s good value for money and if you’re on a budget I’d definitely recommend it for those two highlighters.

*Update: Honestly I never use this palette, the pigmentation isn’t amazing and the highlights just don’t do it for me sadly.

RRP: £3


Now for the main event that the whole box centres around…the lipstick. It’s the MDMflow Semi-matte lipstick in Bossy. Firstly I was a little thrown off as the little leaflet in the box describes it as “taupe” with a “subtle chocolate undertone”, but I’d say it’s quite clearly a caramel sort of brown. I didn’t like it when I first put it on, but now the colour is actually really growing on me. I’ve been desperate to find a brown lipstick and now I finally have one! I love the packaging as I think it’s really different and it looks expensive. It’s also super buttery and it doesn’t feel drying at all, but it’s not transfer-proof. The semi-matte look is very flattering I feel. (This is also now the most expensive lipstick I own which is pretty cool).

*Update: I recently bought a lipstick by Makeup Revolution that was really similar and I actually thought it was a lot better quality, so I don’t really use this lipstick as it’s a little tough to reply; so I tend to reach for this one more often.

RRP: £18

I paid: £13.25

Total box value: £43.47

So that was my review of the December Glossybox! It wasn’t as good value for money as the last one (check out my review of November’s box here), but I definitely feel like the products in this box are more usable as a whole. Will I buy another Glossybox? I’m undecided. The sneak peek made me really interested in it and it’s definitely really fun to receive and review so I don’t know. Let me know if you enjoy reading these or not! (Also I’m really sorry for the change in lighting/quality/background as I’m back home for Christmas, so I’m still finding my feet as regards to beating the awful winter lighting problem and finding the perfect backgroud).





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