My kick-ass uni – Soap and Glory Glambassador Application


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I’m writing this post to tell you why my uni is kick-ass, and to prove why I think I’ve got what it takes to be a Soap and Glory Glambassador.

I study English Literature and Spanish at The University of Edinburgh. What makes my uni kick-ass? Well I’ll tell you!

  • Firstly, the old college is everything. The buildings are really old and absolutely stunning.
  • The buildings in Edinburgh are also amazing and it’s a beautiful city to live in. Like the uni, it’s overflowing with culture, night life, and of course an essential feature – great shopping! (And of course it has three Superdrugs and a Boots which is never a bad thing). I was dreading coming to uni at first, which is obviously perfectly normal, but now I feel at home in Edinburgh as I’ve got to know the city.
  • In second year UofE offers the chance to learn not only Catalan (which is something I’m super interested in), but Basque as well! It’s a scarcely-known language and I think that the fact that they offer it is really unique and amazing.
  • It has a crazy selection of different cultures and backgrounds, and everyone lives and works together well. I think the amount of diversity really adds something to my university experience.
  • Something I especially love is the huge selection of societies it has to offer. There are 260+ societies so it’s pretty much guaranteed that there’s something for everyone. If there isn’t you can make one, which I think is really cool! My favourite society that I’m a member of is the Makeup and Special Effects Society. I’ve met some great people through this society so far. It has a real sense of community, and I just feel like there’s no better place to talk about my love for makeup!

Now I’m going to talk about why I should be considered as a Soap and Glory Glambassador:

As you can tell from my favourite society, I love makeup. I love the chance to talk about it, wear it and write about it. I’m always really open to testing out new products as it helps fuel my already massive enthusiasm for blogging. I also love to write and I’m dedicated to my blogging as though it were a job. As a Glambassador I could offer that same kind of dedication and enthusiasm.

I’m also a huge fan of Soap and Glory‘s products and I always have been. There’s nothing quite like opening up their infamous massive Christmas gift set every year (fingers crossed for this year). My favourite products are probably their Peaches and Clean cleanser, and their Archery DIY Brow Bar, as I’d say they were both holy grail products, and the smell of that cleanser is actually to die for. Soap and Glory have really widened their makeup range recently and I hear nothing but the best about all of their products. I only ever want to promote and work with brands I really believe in, and Soap and Glory is 100% one of them; I’d be so excited to promote their products. Working as a Glambassador would be an amazing opportunity that I’d feel very lucky to have.




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