My Christmas Playlist (Blogmas #12)

2016-12-12 (8).png

I love creating a Christmas playlist as it just makes the actual day seem that much closer! My playlist is full of a really weird mixture of the traditional and the not so traditional…I’ll just get into it. Also don’t mind my playlist name, I give my playlists names that only serve to make me laugh.

  1. So first up as I’m Kpop trash, I have three Kpop christmas albums, and one song. Sorry if you don’t like it, but if you do and you’re interested I have both the korean and chinese versions of EXO’s Miracles in December, Sing For You Winter Special album and then the song December 2014 from Exology.
  2. Then I have the MCR and the Mariah Carey versions of All I Want for Christmas is You (I prefer the MCR one right now though actually).
  3. Then I have the classic Last Christmas by Wham.
  4. Then there’s Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass by All Time Low, which is a fuckin tune.
  5. Because I’m pop punk trash, I also added the entire Pop Punk Goes Christmas album, featuring faves like Crown the Empire and All Time Low (I’ll probably delete some songs as I don’t like them all, but pop punk + Christmas = yes).
  6. Then I have I Won’t Be Home For Christmas and Happy Holidays You Bastard (classic) by Blink 182.
  7. Ho Ho Hopefully by The Maine (which reminded me I haven’t listened to them in a while).
  8. I then have a few Christmas songs from The Vamps’ Christmas album, like Jingle Bell Rock, Sleighing in the Snow, I wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day, and Silent Night.
  9. Of course I also have the soundtrack of The Nightmare Before Christmas, because it’s amazing and it’s clearly a christmas movie too.
  10. Last but not least is what I consider to be the greatest christmas album of all time – the Michael Bublé Christmas album. It’s so amazing and if you don’t listen to it…why not?

So that was just a little insight into my Christmas playlist; sorry it’s so alternative in places but that’s just me! I hope I could still give you a little bit of inspiration for your playlist if you haven’t made it yet (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?).




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