9 binge-worthy shows for the holidays (Blogmas #11)

I’ve binged a fair few tv shows in my time (and who hasn’t), so I thought I’d just list off a few show ideas for those long, cosy winter days and nights. Netflix and chill – literally, because the nights are getting cold. Oh and these are in no particular order to put them in one would be like picking between children.

1. RuPaul’s Drag Race


Source: Youtube

So first up is one of my all time favourite shows – the magic that is RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s funny, dramatic and addictive. Each season is crazier than the next and I absolutely idolise a lot of the queens on the show, my favourites probably being Bianca Del Rio, Raja and Violet Chachki. Watching guys transform into girls that are beautiful beyond comprehension is not something to be missed in my opinion. I can’t really explain it – you have to see it to believe it, but I think the message behind the show is amazing.

2. Gossip Girl


Source: DVD Netflix

So next up is one I’m forever conflicted about – Gossip Girl.I absolutely loved this season for the 7 (or however many) seasons. It was amazing to just get lost in this crazy, bitchy, glamorous world of the upper east side, and I formed an attachment to many of the characters as you would expect. (Chuck and Blaire I mean come on). But the ending really disappointed me and I didn’t think it made sense at all, but that might just be me.

3. Orange is the new black


Source: Good Housekeeping

If you don’t know what is this…where have you been? I’ve watched this since it first came out and I absolutely love it. The storyline is hilarious and emotional and the characters are really well thought out. The prison concept is also really interesting to watch, and it’s really well captured as far as I can tell.

3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Source: 91X.com

If you’re into crazy comedies then this is definitely one for you. It follows this ridiculous group of friends who own a bar and they get into the most hilarious situations. I love the characters and Danny DeVito is amazing in it – not much more needs saying!

4. Black Mirror


Explaining this show is really difficult and I’m really gonna struggle, but it basically shows us what life could be like if technology and humans go too far. Season 3 is one of the most mind-blowing things I’ve ever watched so far and I can’t wait to carry on with it. 100% would recommend it.

5. American Horror Story


Source: Popsugar

You’ve probably heard this hyped up about 8 million times and it’s obviously not very festive, but it’s definitely worth the watch. It’s amazingly written, it has a brilliant cast, and each season has a real-life grounding. It’s fucked up and keeps you on the edge of your seat – what more could you want?

6. Pretty Little Liars


Source: SpoilerTV

PLL is kind of like a more suburban, more intense Gossip Girl. It has secrets, lies and amazing plot twists within the lives of 5 girls and I don’t wanna go into much more detail than that. I’m not up to date and I feel like some of the most recent plot twists are getting stupider and stupider by the minute, but I still think it’s really fun to watch, and really easy to binge.

7. Jane The Virgin


Source: The Mary Sue

You may be discouraged by the name which I was at first, but once you get into it this show is addictive. It parodies the traditional Spanish telenovela (basically an extreme soap opera), and it follows the love life and general life of a girl called Jane who’s artificially inseminated and it’s really hilarious and easy to watch.

8. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt unbreakable-kimmy-schmidt-poster.jpg

You might cringe when you watch this at first, but bear with it. It’s basically a really funny show about a girl who’s way too cheerful and naive for New York City. (I know I’m not really selling it, but that’s basically the gist). I regrettably binged season 2 of this during exam season and it took me less than a week which is pretty effortless – although you will get attached to the storyline even if by accident.

9. Don’t trust the B – in apartment 23


Source: Netflix Life

Last but definitely not least is this gem. I literally finished both seasons within two days and I’m literally dying for more. It’s hilarious, the characters are great and the storyline is both different and yet consistent each episode. Plus we all love a good slightly sociopathic bitch!

So those were my 9 binge-worthy recommendations! I hope you enjoyed reading (this was so fun to write as I love talking about my favourite shows) and that I gave you some inspo either for procrastination or boredom busting. Let me know your show recommendations and share your thoughts on mine in the comments!



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