“Accidental” MUA Haul + free eyeshadow palette (Blogmas #9)


So I went into Superdrug a couple weeks ago to pick myself up a concealer… and I came out with £8 worth of makeup and a free eyeshadow palette (I was also in there way too long, oops). I ended up buying three things as I was tempted by the “spend £8 on MUA get a free eyeshadow palette” offer (as I typically would be), so I’m gonna show you/tell you about what I got! (You need to stick around for those eyeshadow palette swatches…trust me).

So the first thing I picked up was what I actually went for – the Pro-Base Cover and Conceal Kit in Ivory. It gives a great amount of coverage but not too much which I like, because of how high coverage my foundation is. The kit has four different colours so it seems like it would be really useful for highlighting and shaping your face as well as concealing. It’s super easy to apply and I usually go for the left hand shade and use the top one as a kind of highlight. For £4 I think it’s super good value – would recommend it, especially if you’re on a budget.

The next thing I picked up was this Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil in Forest Green, because if you read my Urban Decay Masterclass post, you’ll know that I’m currently slightly obsessed with green. As you can see I kind of swatched it weird, but I’m not sure if that’s a reflection of the product or whether I’m just hopeless (probs just hopeless). It seemed really creamy to apply and it didn’t hurt or seem rough so for £1, it’s not half bad! (I haven’t tried it on my eyes yet but I left it back home when I came back to uni for exams, so I’ll probably do a twitter update when I get round to using it).

The next thing I picked up was their Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter in Pink Shimmer. Let me just tell you – this is so cute. Its pigment comes alive more if you use your finger and really swirl it around in the pan and then kind of dab it onto your skin. It looks so so vibrant when you actually put it on the face and when it catches the light it just gives you a really pretty pink glow. For £3 you just can’t go wrong at all!

Last and by no means least is the Captivation Merged Ombré Eyeshadow Palette. I’d never owned an ombré eyeshadow palette before but my life has literally been changed by this palette. It has 9 pans but you can literally get 20 eyeshadows out of this palette.

All the swatches are in order (row by row, and left to right except the first pan of the last row); I swirled my finger around to combine the colours and swatched that, and then I swatched the individual colours below it. I think the colours in this palette are amazing! I love the selection of browns, especially the lovely matte in the last row, and there’s a beautiful selection of blue and purple tones. (Basically the colour selection is actually unreal).

But the real stars of the palette are the golds –  because THOSE SHIMMERS SLAY! They’re vibrant and amazing and I’m really impressed. The only thing with this palette is that there’s a lot of fallout so be careful of that, but overall I’m really happy with my first MUA eyeshadow experience! The quality is ridiculously good for a gift with purchase eyeshadow palette and it’s rapidly becoming my go-to.

So that was my little MUA haul! I hope you enjoyed it and that you might be encouraged to get a little “accidental” haul of your own *wink wink*. I’m constantly impressed with this brand and I’m always on the lookout for recommendations…you know what to do!




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