5 Favourite Festive Red Lips (Blogmas #8)


Red is obviously a classic festive colour, so I thought I’d share with you my five favourite red lips! (Basically using all the red lipsticks I own but ah well, alliteration). I’m not gonna go too much into depth but I just thought I’d show you my fav shades! The swatches are in the same order as the picture above, but I’ll make sure to tell you the names and stuff as well.


  1. So the top left is the Primark Stardust matte lipstick in Siren. I’m probably gonna make a separate post about this lipstick but let me just quickly say that it’s a gorgeous, pigmented dark red. I’m really impressed with how it looks and it’s probably my favourite lipstick right now, but just a warning – it’s very messy when you eat.
  2. This top right one is a bright red Ted Baker lipstick without a shade name that my mum gave me ages ago. It’s just really nice to have something a bit different – a bright red to counteract all the dark reds. (To see my review of last year’s Ted Baker Christmas gift box, head here).
  3. The second one on the right is the Technic Juicy Stick Lipstick (no shade name). Again I won’t say loads about this, simply because I reviewed it in my Technic Brand Spotlight post, but it’s quite a muted dark red. It looks very brown in the swatch but it’s just a nice toned down red for everyday.
  4. The bottom one is another Ted Baker lipstick, and it’s a stick one like the Technic one (and again it doesn’t have a shade, which is a sad recurring theme with Ted Baker it seems). This red is super deep and amazing – definitely one for a night out. It applies a little messily for me though as it’s super creamy.
  5. Last but not least, the bottom right shade is the Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream, which I already reviewed here. I love this lipstick for uni and shopping etc. as it’s really long-lasting and with just one coat it’s not too dark and intense.

So those were my go-to festive red lip looks! I hope you enjoyed this quick little post – let me know your favourite red lipsticks in the comments!



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