November Glossybox (Blogmas #7)


I know it’s not November anymore, but I just wanted to try out reviewing the November Glossybox, as it was my first ever one. It was super fun to receive and I couldn’t wait to try what I got in it, so I’ll just sort of talk you through the things I got and what I thought! (I’ll also include the RRP of everything so you can get a sense of the box’s overall worth). It was especially full of value this month as I got like a black Friday code or something that made the box £3, and I had to pay £3.25 for shipping on top of that so it was essentially £6 which is so cheap!


So first up we have these Wilkinson Sword Raspberry Rain Disposable Razors. I was a little surprised by this one as it seemed a little random to me, and I was intrigued by the idea of a scented razor. However I’m too much of a baby to shave with razors so I won’t end up using them and I’ll probably give them to my mum or something. I don’t really have much to say about them as I feel like they probably speak for themselves haha.

RRP: £5.69 for 3


Next up is the really exciting De Bruyere jumbo eye pencil in Bubble 07. It’s a cream eyeshadow pencil that’s this kind of khaki/grey/brown colour with green-ish glittery reflects. I think it’s really pretty, although it doesn’t come out as intense on the lid as it does in the swatch, which I actually like because it’s nice and subtle. I’d say it’s fairly long-lasting, although don’t blend it because, due to the fact that it’s cream, it’ll basically blend completely away.

RRP: 15



The box also included something I’m both scared and excited by – Kiss Looks So Natural lashes in Vamp. I’ve never used false lashes as I’m a bit clumsy and I just feel like it wouldn’t go well but, who knows, maybe I’ll give them a go now that I have some! These lashes seem super natural and also quite flirty; I’ve also heard a lot about this brand, so I’m expecting good things!

RRP: £4.95



Now this I was really excited about! Before the box arrived I’d been going on and on about how I needed a blending brush, and now I have one! The Ruby Professional Large Tapered Blending Brush is perfect for, well, blending! It’s super soft and moves product really well, and it’s also cruelty free which is really good. Overall it’s a great brush and it’s exactly what I needed!

RRP: 8



This last one I’m a bit conflicted by – it’s the 111Skin Bio Ccellulose Facial Treatment Mask. It’s completely gold which is so cool, and it made me look like Hannibal Lecter when I put it on which gave me a good laugh (it was also too big for me so it was really hard to position). It claims to be brightening, and it says that it’ll optimise moisture levels.

I have bad skin at the moment and when I put it on it felt super cooling, which was really nice. I left it on for 20 minutes and when I took it off I couldn’t decide if it had broken me out or not as my skin was pretty bad before. I was a bit itchy and my skin was a bit more textured and red, so I guess just be careful if you have sensitive skin like me.

However it did brighten my skin and it definitely seemed to have a higher moisture level, which is not really desired for my oily skin but I just wanted to give it a go anyway, because why not?

RRP: £20

So that was my review of the November Glossybox! I hope you enjoyed it, as I definitely enjoyed trying out a bunch of random new products! (December Glossybox incoming – I can’t wait). I’m really impressed with the value of the box and the quality of the items in it; I’ll include the overall box value below and that’s pretty much it – I’ll see you tomorrow for another day of blogmas!

I paid: £6.25

Total box value: £50.28

*I also mentioned Glossybox subscriptions in my gift ideas blogmas post, which you can find here*




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