My thoughts on: Getting in shape for Christmas (Blogmas #6)


There seems to be an overwhelming consensus that you need to get in shape for Christmas so you can eat more, and it even got me for a while this year. I bought gym clothes, granola, fruit… but did anything come of it?


I suppose so. I took up jogging for about a week and I have to say I really enjoyed it – it was nice to get away from things for a while. Although sweating in public makes me a bit self-conscious so I jogged during the night/evening and there was this one jog up to a high point that I really enjoyed.

I ate, and still eat, granola for breakfast every day and that’s something I actually really enjoy; also having things like avocado for lunch just makes me feel that little bit healthier. It did all feel worth it and like it was really working…but then I fell out of motivation as I expected, which really made me realise something:

I’ve always hated exercise, and I now know that you don’t have to exercise ridiculous amounts to “prepare” for Christmas or in general, you just need to eat well (eat what you want but the right amounts), look after your body and love yourself. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% confident with my body right now but I’m hopefully on my way.

Most importantly you should all look forward to eating as much as you want at Christmas. It’s been a stressful month/year and you’ve earned it!




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