Easy Secret Santa Ideas (Blogmas #4)

Secret Santa can be really difficult, whether you’re buying for someone you don’t know/like, or whether the usual sort of £2-5 limit is too difficult. Don’t worry, as there are some easy gifts that won’t break your budget and everyone will love – remember if you don’t know the person it doesn’t have to be personal, it’s just gotta do the job.


Candles are one of the easiest things you could buy for someone – I mean come on, who doesn’t love a good candle? Yankee candle do these little votives for £1.80 each, so a couple of these would be perfect for like a £4 limit. Would definitely recommend Fireside treats because damn does that smell like marshmallows.

If you want a kind of cheaper but bigger option, then Card Factory does full-sized candles for maybe like £2.99 and they’re actually really good! I’ve had a pumpkin spice one and a cocktail themed one before – would recommend.



Source: Superdrug

This next one is an oldie but a goldie – generic deodorant sets. It’s a great all-rounder and because it’s in a gift set, it won’t look as much like a thinly veiled insult to their personal hygiene as if you’d just handed them a cannister of deodorant and said “merry christmas also you smell”.


Source: Superdrug

Moving onto another generic gift you can consider as jokingly offensive – bath sets (or as we call it in our house, “bath shit”). Everyone loves some good bath shit, that’s all there is to it! This Mix & Fizz cocktail themed bath and shower set actually sounds really nice and it’s like £4.00 in the Superdrug sale right now – perfect for cocktail lovers! Poundland I also know do little bath sets and things now, so that’s also something to consider if you’re going super low budget.


Little makeup gift sets are always a nice backup. Studio London have come out with a lot of nice ones this year, like these day and night lip gloss sets. You could also get someone a few items from a really cheap makeup brand like MUA – more and more budget makeup is becoming available so if you get chosen to buy for a makeup lover, you’re probably in luck!



Source: Tesco

Everyone knows about these tubes with sweets and chocolate in – a secret santa staple. Anyone you don’t know will probably like chocolate. You could even splash out and go to Thorntons if you wanted to – whatever floats your boat.


Other easy ideas:

  • Jewellery – primark do some really nice jewellery for reall cheap nowadays
  • Alcohol – always a winner, but obviously I’m only encouraging over 18s to buy it
  • Gift cards – for higher budget secret santas. Book gift cards and Love 2 Shop vouchers are always winners.

So I hope this was somewhat useful for anyone who’s struggling to find that last minute secret santa present. (If you’re looking for actual gift ideas, check out this post).

This was also kind of a throwback to high school secret santa for me, which I really liked.

Leave a comment telling me your best and worst secret santa presents!



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