How to deck your uni halls on a budget (Blogmas #3)

For blogmas day three I’ve got a fairly quick one for you: I thought it’d be fun to show you how I decorated my uni accommodation on a budget. It’s nothing special but it just jazzes up the place a bit, and I apologise for the luminous green notice boards, they were clearly not my idea. All of the decorations I’ll talk about come from poundland, and who doesn’t love a bit of christmas spirit that doesn’t break the bank?


So first up I just have a really cute string of lights with red hearts and red stars – I fell in love with them when I saw them. There’s something about them that’s just super festive. They also look like they were worth more than £1, and you can’t argue with that!


Then I just pinned a bunch of these adorable baubles on strings to the top of my notice board to bulk it out a bit and make it look extra festive!


On my other disgustingly green noticeboard (although I could also view it as festive I suppose), I have this really cool bulb-themed light string. I just thought these lights were really interesting and I also thought I’d be able to use them all year round. I think they’ll look even better when I actually get on with printing off the photos that  I want to stick on there!


Then on my desk I just have these really cute snowy letters that say “Noel”. I just thought they looked really stylish and I think they work really well on my white desk to keep up with the snow theme.


For a sort of bonus item, I have my halloween lights draped from my windowsill because I love lights and I want to get more use of them, which ties in with the idea of decorating on a budget – use what you’ve got!

So that was just a quick post showing you how you can get yourself in the christmas spirit without burning away all your student loan. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope it inspired you to get yourself down to poundland and deck your halls! (really hope everyone who reads this gets the joke).



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