My Christmas Beauty Wish List (Blogmas #2)

So for day 2 of blogmas, I thought it would be really fun to share with you guys what I want for Christmas to get everyone in the mood! (not like that, haha). I didn’t ask for all of this for Christmas don’t worry, I’m a reasonable human who understands that I want a lot of expensive things. I just thought this would be a great idea and I enjoyed writing it, so let’s get on with my list!


Source: Beauty Bay

So first up on my list, which  I did actually ask for so fingers crossed, is the ZOEVA Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette.

I just really need an eyeshadow palette with a gorgeous range of everyday mattes and shimmers, and I feel like this is it if there ever was one! Plus I’ve been waiting forever to get my hands on a damn good orange.

RRP: £18.00



Source: Urban Decay

The second thing on my list is super expensive I’m not gonna lie. It’s the Urban Decay full spectrum palette, and this is WAY at the top of my list. I have my fingers, toes and my soul crossed in hopes of receiving this. The colour selection is unreal, and it’s perfect if you love bold colours like me. Plus, I literally cannot wait to dip my brush in those greens!

RRP: £43.00


Next up are the unbelievably stunning Lime crime diamond crusher lip toppers in strip (top) and trip (bottom). They can be worn over your bare lips, or as a topper for one of their velvetines, and I just think they’re incredible. Trip is such a unique and bold colour, while strip is an amazingly glittery barbie pink level of sparkle!

RRP: $18.00


Next up, it’s something I’ve wanted for soooo long – Lime crime velvetines in the shades teddy bear and faded. I’ve always wanted teddy bear specifically but I’m so scared of being hit with a giant-ass customs fee. The velvetines in general just seem like they have an amazing formula, and I’m a sucker for mauve so hence faded making it onto the list!

RRP: $20.00



Source: Tarte


My next wish list item is a little boring, but I mean who doesn’t want a high-end concealer like this one in their life? I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Tarte Shape Tape concealer and how great the coverage is, and I’d just really love to put it to the test! I’ve also heard it’s great for contouring, although I’m hardly a pro so….

RRP: £19



Source: Superdrug

Another one you may not think is that exciting: a Sleek face form contour kit. I’ve tried my luck with cream contouring, but I just found that it blended away to nothing. A lot of people hype over the Sleek contour kits, so I thought I’d add this one to the list! (Also I think the blush looks really pretty).

RRP: £9.99



Source: Urban Decay

Since I bought the foundation, I think it’s only fitting that I want the All Nighter setting spray to go with it! The foundation stays on for a ridiculous amount of time as it is, (to fin my review of it, click here) so I can only imagine how amazingly it lasts paired with this hyped about setting spray. (Dream team for sure!)

RRP: £22




More lipsticks (oops)! I love the formula of the Nyx soft matte lip cream (to see my review click here), and I just think the shades Budapest and Dubai look so cute, and I’m really after a nice, wearable brown shade; if anything says wearable, it’s for sure the Nyx soft matte lip creams!

RRP: £5.50



Source: Too Faced

This is something that pretty much everyone wants…but I’m one of those people, oops. I’ve wanted the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette since like the dawn of time, because it just has everything I could possibly need for a gorgeous everyday look. I’m just desperate to test out the quality of Too Faced eyeshadows, as I have such high expectations!

So that’s pretty much everything I could think of when I write this (also if I put everything I wanted on this post, we’d be here forever). This was actually really fun to write, and I hope you got some inspo for your own wish list, or maybe even gift inspo! (For more gift inspo, head to blogmas day 1!)

I’ll see you tomorrow for another day of blogmas!



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