Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette (What I got for Christmas #1)


Christmas this year was such a great day for me and I really hope it was for all of you – and that you ate until you exploded! (Tbh I’m still eating away, oops). I just thought I’d do this little series reviewing a couple individual things I got for Christmas – not everything, just the beauty products as that’s what fits in with my blog. This is not a brag, I’m just really excited to review what I got!

Anyway… enough of my rambling, let’s get into it! You might have seen from my wish list or my Urban Decay Masterclass post, this was one of the two things I asked for for Christmas, and it was the one I wanted the most by far – the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette. I was grinning like a madman when I opened this I can tell you that much. Continue reading

December Glossybox



I was super excited to receive this Glossybox due to the sugar and spice theme, wondering which one I would get. The products in the box were chosen to compliment whichever colour of lipstick you got, which is a really great idea. Also the packaging for this month’s both is really nice and different. I actually ended up getting sugar, which I was really excited about – let’s get into the nitty-gritty of my second ever Glossybox! Continue reading

Stocking Fillers: MUA £1 Lipsticks (Blogmas #10)


I picked these up from Superdrug (aka my literal home) ages and ages ago and forgot to review them, so when I was thinking about stocking fillers I had the perfect idea! These £1 MUA lipsticks are not only great quality, but they’re also clearly very cost-effective. A perfect idea if you need a few extra bits and bobs for someone, and definitely recommended by me. (Also sorry about the un-evenness of the coraly one, it was like that when I bought it). Continue reading

“Accidental” MUA Haul + free eyeshadow palette (Blogmas #9)


So I went into Superdrug a couple weeks ago to pick myself up a concealer… and I came out with £8 worth of makeup and a free eyeshadow palette (I was also in there way too long, oops). I ended up buying three things as I was tempted by the “spend £8 on MUA get a free eyeshadow palette” offer (as I typically would be), so I’m gonna show you/tell you about what I got! (You need to stick around for those eyeshadow palette swatches…trust me). Continue reading

November Glossybox (Blogmas #7)


I know it’s not November anymore, but I just wanted to try out reviewing the November Glossybox, as it was my first ever one. It was super fun to receive and I couldn’t wait to try what I got in it, so I’ll just sort of talk you through the things I got and what I thought! (I’ll also include the RRP of everything so you can get a sense of the box’s overall worth). It was especially full of value this month as I got like a black Friday code or something that made the box £3, and I had to pay £3.25 for shipping on top of that so it was essentially £6 which is so cheap!

Continue reading