Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

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After going to an Urban Decay Masterclass, which you can find out about here, I decided to pick up a bottle of their All Nighter Foundation. I’d heard a lot of mixed reviews about this foundation, and I’m so glad that I can finally make a decision on it myself. (Also I’ve never done a foundation review before, so this is gonna be quite interesting for me)!

I just thought I’d start of by listing the claims they make about the foundation on the website:

full coverage with a modern matte finish that never looks overdone. Get serious long-lasting wear and a blown-out effect you never thought was possible. Perfect for all-night affairs and other scandalous activities, our revolutionary formula is also comfortable enough to wear every day.”

So they basically describe it as this kind of new perfect finish holy grail foundation…but is it my new holy grail?

First off, the bottle is absolutely stunning – it definitely makes it look worth the money, and the pump works really smoothly. I don’t have much to say about it but it speaks for itself I’d say!

And now… on to the foundation itself!

My skin is quite red and blotchy at the moment – I’m not sure why but ah well, it’s perfect for putting this foundation to the test!

I usually just prime with moisturiser and use my Maybelline baby skin pore minimising primer on special occasions (I have a post about that here if you’re interested). But at the masterclass the girl recommended to use quite a moisturising base for the foundation, so now I mix the primer and my Simple moisturiser to both moisturise and smooth out my skin.


I then let that sit for a while before dotting a single pump of the foundation around my face. One pump is all you need – a little really does go a long way, although be careful because it dries so fast on your hand for some reason.


I then use my Real Techniques buffing brush to buff it in. It blends really well, and as you can see, the coverage is actually so good – I’m really impressed with it. I still add concealer under my eyes but my dark circles are pretty hard to cover anyway  I find.


Aaaand here it is with the rest of my makeup! I love how natural and flawless it looks, and I’ve honestly never felt so confident in a long time.  Different people and different skin types have different experiences with this foundation, but I think it really works for me!

Here are some of the pros and cons that hopefully might help you decide if it’s right for you:


  • Natural, flawless finish
  • Stays on for a ridiculous amount of time, the only highly noticeable wear is around my nose and forehead where I’m really oily
  • Comfortably matte – it feels like there’s literally nothing on my face when it’s being blended as well as when it’s blended in
  • It suits my skin tone way better than my last foundation
  • It works really well to minimise the appearance of oil


  • Glasses wearers watch out, as it has a tendency to stick to your glasses (and I mean literally stick), but it doesn’t feel tacky to touch generally
  • It can crease under your eyes, but to solve this you can just set your undereye area with a setting powder
  • It kind of makes my face appear a little textured almost, but only if you’re looking really really closely, like with a magnifying mirror like the one I have, for example
  • This last one is not really a con, just something to be aware of – this foundation oxidises which means that it dries darker than it originally applies, so do make sure you try it before you buy it.

Overall, I really love this foundation as it’s really increased my overall self-confidence. It definitely does what it says for me – it’s comfortable, long-wearing, and provides a flawless finish. Its RRP is £27, but I got it for £19 in the sale and used the money from the masterclass.

In my opinion it’s definitely worth the money, as it makes my skin look great. Let me know what you think of the foundation in the comments, and I’ll hopefully be back next Thursday for the start of blogmas!





13 thoughts on “Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

  1. Spread The Sparkle says:

    I’ve heard such mixed reviews about this foundation but it looks gorgeous on you girlie! It’s a shame it oxidises, but as long as you know that you can avoid any mistakes before you buy I guess. I’m definitely considering getting it – great post lovely.

    Kara – Spread The Sparkle


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