Stylish Sunglasses for under £10 – Cheapass Sunglasses


I know it’s autumn/winter now and I love a crisp walk as much as the next person, but part of me wants to cling onto summer still.

I was lucky enough to be contacted by a company called Cheapass Sunglasses, which does exactly what it suggests! They sell a huge range of sunglasses for all tastes for under €10 (prices on the site are in euros), with €1.95 worldwide shipping which is crazy!

I was allowed to pick out any pair I wanted which I thought was so generous as there was so much choice! I knew I wanted to go for something different to what I’d normally go for, especially since they had some really cool frames, and I eventually went for the ones called Buzzing Mooses (I know right, such a cute name!).


I included the picture that they give you on the site just so you can get a feel for the whole appearance vs reality aspect, but I actually don’t think there’s a problem at all!

In terms of the style, I think these glasses are so unique, and I’ve never had blue-tinted glasses before either so this was a first for me! I think that  the gold detail on the front is absolutely gorgeous and…I just love them.

14997127_745499305598026_410010959_n (2).jpg

I’m super happy with the way they look on me, I really feel like they’d make any outfit on a sunny day look so much more fabulous. As for how they work, the site guarantees “100% UV Protection”, and I’ve only worn them out once on one of those rare autumn sunny days, but they do the job!

Also you may be thinking…Carla: These are called cheapass sunglasses, surely they’re really flimsy and cheap looking?

Well I think in terms of quality you’ll be pleasantly surprised, as to me the frames feel and look sturdy and they look more luxurious than the 8.95 they sell them for on the site!



Overall I would definitely recommend these glasses for whether you like to buy in early for summer, or you just need some extra-stylish shades to shove in your car! (They also have loads of gorgeous, really quirky festival glasses). I’d never reviewed anything like sunglasses before but I really enjoyed this, and it was a pleasure to work with this company as they were so lovely to speak to!

Let me know what you thought of me trying out a more fashion/lifestyle kind of post – I appreciate any feedback, as always.

And if you do buy any of their shades on either their main site or this site, make sure to tag them on instagram (@cheapass sunglasses)!


*Disclaimer: I was sent this product but I’m not sponsored therefore all my opinions are my own.*


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