Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette


A versatile blush palette for £6? Count me in!

I saw the youtuber Mostly Megan do a tutorial with the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette aaaages ago (I’ll link the video here incase you want to watch it), but I only just bought the palette recently because hey, student life.

I think it was worth the wait…


As you can see, the packaging is just standard Makeup Revolution which I love to be honest, I think it’s simple and always feels well-made. I also love how big the mirrors are on these palettes as it just makes my life sooo much easier. Although I dropped mine and broke it the other day so it’s not really that useful anymore (oops). But I still use the palette (duh).


Now it’s time to get into the shades! There are eight shades in the palette, one of which is matte and the rest are all jaw-dropping shimmers.

So the first one is a gorgeous icy white highlight – so so pigmented and gorgeous, so if you like to glow for the gods I would definitely recommend this one. (It’s a little dusty though, so be careful on that one – make sure you tap your brush off before applying it). I was super impressed with this having never tried a MUR highlight before. Will definitely be giving their other highlights a go!

The second shade is a pigmented light pink that gives a gorgeous, subtle colour to the cheeks, while the third shade makes for a darker mauvey-plum-pink shimmery shade – it’s my absolute favourite of the two. The fourth one is a gold toned highlight which is absolutely stunning and it works so well on my skin tone! The fifth colour is a nice beigey baked highlight which doesn’t show up well on me as it’s a little pale.

Now the sixth one… I’m undecided. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a blush or a highlight because it’s extremely shimmery and also quite pink, but I think the colour is quite cute and I feel like I’d love it if I knew what it was!

As for the shimmery bronzer, I think when swatched it’s absolutely stunning, but when you put it on your face it’s a little hard to blend out and comes across more orange. The matte bronzer is also very pigmented but just a little bit more orange than I’d like for my skin tone. In her video, Megan used this shade to contour with but like I say, it’s just too orange for me which I was really sad about, as the formula and pigment is great.

But I do make use of the shades that don’t work for me for their original purpose…as eyeshadows!

That last shade goes really nice in the crease and my favourite shades to put on my lid are the shimmery bronzer and the mauvey question mark (I don’t know what to call it, haha). This makes for a gorgeous everyday look and I literally use this all the time, especially when I’m in a rush.

Overall, I think I would recommend this palette as even though some of the colours don’t work that well with my skin tone, I think the formula is great and the way that they translate into eyeshadows saves me a lot of time in the morning!

Let me know what your favourite product by Makeup Revolution is in the comments, because I’m obsessed!



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