Make the most of your Halloween makeup


We all go that extra mile to slay during Halloween, but is impulse buying loads of 3 for 2 Halloween makeup at Superdrug a waste of money?

Not necessarily – in this post I’m gonna show you how you can use your halloween makeup all year round! (And justify my purchases to myself…oops).

Black makeup is not your enemy

It’s Halloween, so odds are you’ve bought a black lipstick and a black eyeliner, right? (with all the cat costumes, I’d say  I’m almost certain). At £1 for the lipstick and £2 for the eyeliner by MUA how can you say no? I bought the black lipstick recently as I’d wanted one for a while and Halloween seemed like the perfect excuse. For £1 it’s pretty pigmented and it does the job! Pair it with the eyeliner and you’ve got yourself a gothic, classic look all year round.

Halloween-themed eyeshadow palette

I picked up the The Dead are Alive eyeshadow palette from Superdrug the other day as I’d been wanting it since it came out. It was reduced to £4 instead of £6, which is an absolute bargain in my opinion as it has so many gorgeous re-usable shades! This palette is so pigmented and versatile and I’m so impressed with it – I think this could be a part of the ordinary range and I’d be none the wiser!

 Vampy Lipsticks

When it comes to lips I love dark colours, and when I saw this trio of Makeup Revolution Matte Lipsticks for £4 down from £6, how could I really refuse? I was most intrigued by the grey lipstick, and although it actually turned out to be more blue-toned I actually really like it, and for the right night out I think I could pull it off! (Also, it goes super well with the lilacy shade from the eyeshadow palette). I love the dark pink shade as I think the pigmentation is stunning and there are all sorts of gorgeous looks you could achieve with it! As for the black-plum shade, I wasn’t really a fan as it was quite patchy and difficult not to get everywhere, but if you have a steady hand it might maybe work.

This is definitely a set for people who like their darker shades, but hey, autumn/winter is the season of dark lips!

*UPDATE: I applied the black-plum shade like an idiot the first time (no surprises there). It actually goes on amazingly and is super pigmented – I used it for my halloween makeup and I love it!*

(You can find out how that went on my instagram here).

Ghost Contour Kit

It may look a bit scary, but don’t write this £6 palette from the Freedom SFX range off! Of course you’ll probably not make use of the white powder (2nd from bottom) unless you’re quite pale and need a new setting powder, or any of the blacks and greys. But the second and third highlights are so pretty! I’ve been using them for everyday makeup ever since I bought them, and I think they’re the perfect pale highlight shades.I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure the first cream highlight would be perfect for brightening up your undereye area as it’s so bright and it blends really well.

So that was my advice on how to take Halloween with you all year round – I hope you enjoyed reading, and that you take the makeup from Halloween night into your everyday!

(Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by either of these brands, I’m just a massive fangirl of them).

Happy Halloween!



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