Mac Viva Glam Ariana Grande II

I’d never bought a Mac Lipstick before (I know right, where have I been?), and I wanted my first one to be a shade that was colourful and unique. I definitely found it in Viva Glam Ariana Grande II ; after lusting after the first collaboration with Ariana Grande, I was so excited to try this. I also think that something that’s often overlooked when it comes to the Viva Glam collection , is that every bit of money you pay goes to the Mac AIDS fund, which I think is so amazing of them to do.


I was really impressed by the detailing on the box and the actual lipstick of Ariana’s signature, as I thought it looked really pretty and high quality. In terms of the casing, I was excited to finally see the classic mac-style packaging sitting in my room (with the special Viva Glam red detailing); I was even more excited to put this gorgeous colour on my lips!

When I swatched this I was blown away by the pigmentation and how buttery it felt. When you apply it the colour is consistent and it looks exactly like the colour that’s advertised in the promo above. What I also think is really interesting is that the website describes it as a “matte orchid pink” and under some lights it looks like this vibrant pink, but at other times it looks to have a slightly more lilac-y tone and I think it’s absolutely stunning.

In terms of staying power, this lipstick has the best staying power I’ve ever seen in a lipstick. It dries completely matte and lasts through eating and drinking; when it does fade, it fades well. (It’s also quite hard to get off, but I don’t see any harm in that!).  It also smells amazing and feels incredibly high quality, as well as being non-drying. I wore this out to Hive, which is a club that gets pretty sweaty pretty fast; a lipstick with hive-level staying power is definitely one to watch!

Overall, I’m so obsessed with this lipstick and even though we’re heading into Autumn now and vibrancy is “so last season”, I’ll still be wearing this colour for months and months as I think it’ll make you stand out, whatever the weather. I’ll definitely be shopping with Mac again as the quality is definitely worth the £15.50 you pay!



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