Midweek Must-have: Covershoot Cosmetics Twist Pot


I’m one of those people who absolutely hates the process of removing nail polish because it just feels like too much effort. So if you’re lazy like me and you’re looking for something to make it less painless – keep reading!

I saw a lot of  bloggers and youtubers talking about, and being sent things from, Covershoot Cosmetics this week and there was one product that I really wanted to try – their Twist Pot Nail Polish Remover. It claims to remove your nail polish quickly and easily and I thought that the way it worked looked really cool. I wasn’t particularly looking to pick it up but I found it at Poundland and I couldn’t resist (classic me); I just thought I’d write this little midweek post to tell you what I thought!

14397211_715469231934367_16312949_n (2).jpgIt’s as simple as putting your finger in this sponge and twisting it until the nail varnish is gone, and I’ve gotta say it works really well. And wait for it…it even works for glitter! Although it still just uses nail varnish remover, I think that the sponge idea is really fun and unique.

Overall, I would recommend this as it’s really useful for when you’re in a rush and it takes no effort whatsoever. (And for £1 you can’t really go wrong). I’ll definitely be following Covershoot Cosmetics to see what else they have to offer!



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