Essence Keep It Perfect Fixing Spray

I’d been seeing the brand name Essence floating around quite a bit recently, and it always catches my eye when I go into wilkos (wilkinsons). When I eventually decided to spend some real time looking at their pretty big display, I saw that they had a fixing spray – something I really needed in my collection. Their keep it perfect make-up fixing spray was just £3.00 for 50ml – the perfect travel size and the perfect price for something to try out. (Plus the packaging is super cute).


The bottle says that the spray is refreshing, that it protects and fixes your makeup, that it isn’t sticky, and that it’s suitable for all skin types.

These claims made me so excited to try it out, and you know what – I wasn’t disappointed at all!

I just wanted to let you know how well it got on in all of the areas above, so here we go!

1. Is it refreshing?

Yes it is – it’s actually very cooling. It does have a slight chemical-like fragrance at first, but it doesn’t linger so that’s okay.

2. Does it fix and protect your makeup?

Yes it does, and even though it doesn’t actually claim to be, it’s definitely long-lasting. I was so impressed by the staying power of about 9-10 hours the first time I tried it out just around my house, and then I decided to put it to the test on a particularly wet day. It actually held up really well in the rain, staying on for roughly the same amount of time!

3. Is it sticky?

Even though I was expecting it to be super sticky, it actually isn’t! It obviously feels quite wet for a few seconds (especially if you spray it too close to your face…oops), but it dries just fine and you barely even notice it’s there.

(As for the suitable for all skin types claim, obviously I can’t confirm that one haha)

Overall, I think this product works so well for the price and I’m definitely interested to try more products by Essence as it seems like an incredibly affordable brand. I also don’t see the small size as being a bad thing. Even though I might use it quickly, it’s £3.00 for 50ml as opposed to the 30ml you get for £10 from Mac, for example. I’m in no way comparing it to the Mac one, as this was my first fixing spray so I’ve never tried any others, but from where I’m standing, it does the job just fine!



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