Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 – Naked 3 Dupe?

I’d heard a lot of things about Makeup Revolution because it’s become quite popular recently – especially for its many dupes of high end brands like Urban Decay and Too Faced at extremely afforable prices. And as soon as I saw the Redemption Palette in Iconic 3 for just £4, I knew I had to have it.


It’s supposedly a great dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 3 and it’s full of pinks, gorgeous shimmers and rich browns that are very pigmented for the price. When I got it I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the colours and how high quality it looked just in the packaging, never mind on my eyes! My first impression was that the colours looked amazingly similar to Naked 3, so I was super excited to try them out.

this one



mabs (2)


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette colours from left to right: Blackheart, Darkside, Mugshot, Factory, Liar, Nooner, Trick, Buzz, Limit, Burnout, Dust, Strange (Source: kissnmakeup store)

I don’t own the Naked 3 palette, but I found a picture and put the swatches right alongside my swatches of Iconic 3. Obviously the colours aren’t perfect matches and the pigmentation isn’t the same, which I wasn’t expecting anyway. Honestly with a lot of the shades (like the trick and dust matchups) I actually like a lot more. The shimmers have quite a bit of fallout so watch out for that, and although some of the colours don’t seem to show up well, they’re actually really buildable; you can create some stunning eye looks with these colours. What I also love is that all of these shades are super easy to blend, even with my tired brushes that are in desperate need of replacement! The palette itself came with your average sponge tip applicator, but I never use them as I find brushes/my fingers to be much better.



Nooner, Trick, Buzz, Limit, Burnout, Dust, Strange (Source: kissnmakeupstore)

These first seven shades are my absolute favourite. The pink shimmers are just stunning, especially the Dust dupe, which I actually prefer to Dust, and the gold is absolutely amazing. The Buzz dupe is a gorgeous cranberry shimmer that I’ve used loads because it looks amazing. All the shimmers look so good in the centre of your lids in a more complicated eye look or just all over your lids on their own for a beautiful, more subtle look that still has a sparkle. The dupe for Strange works as a great base, although it’s very light on my skin so I have to build it quite a bit. The Nooner dupe seems to be more brown/darker than the kind of pink-mauve tone in Naked 3, but I still really love the colour and I think it’s very similar.



Blackheart, Darkside, Mugshot, Factory, Liar

The other section of the palette is a nice selection of browns with one purple-black shade that appears to have gold undertones in the palette, (the Blackheart dupe). As far as this one, I wouldn’t say it was a perfect dupe as the shimmer doesn’t really come through in the swatch and it’s more purple-toned. However it’s a perfectly good black-like shade that I’ve been using quite a lot. All of the browns are stunning, especially the Mugshot and Liar dupes. The most accurate dupe in this section is probably the Factory dupe, because I can barely tell the difference. I love using brown in my eye looks and these colours are honestly a dream to work with.

All of the shades in the palette are very versatile, as whether you’re going out or going shopping, they work regardless. The colours all compliment each other so well and the first seven shades are perfect for summer in my opinion. I’ve used this palette literally every day that I’ve worn makeup since I got it, and I’d say that they have quite good staying power for eyeshadows of their price range. (I do always use a primer and concealer on my eyelids beforehand, but I’ve tried them without one and they really do stay on quite well).


My favourites: Nooner, Buzz, Dust, Liar and Trick dupes

I eventually want to buy the Naked 3 palette, as it’s something I’ve wanted for absolutely ages because the colours blow me away. Although if you love the colours and don’t have the money to buy it, I’d definitely recommend this palette as I’m absolutely obsessed! I’m very impressed by these eyeshadows, so I think I’ll be buying more from Makeup Revolution in the future as their other eyeshadow palettes look equally flawless.



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