Ted Baker Limited Edition Makeup Gift Box

I got this Limited Edition Ted Baker Makeup gift box for Christmas so I’ve had it quite a while, and I can safely say that I absolutely love the majority of the products from this box.


The box itself was absolutely gorgeous and came with twelve products (2 lip products, 1 lip/cheek product, a blush set, a mascara, an eyeliner, an eyeshadow palette, 2 nail polishes, an eyelash curler and 2 brushes), and the majority of the products came in a beautiful rose gold packaging which is any girl’s dream!

The Eyeshadow trio


The packaging of this little palette is absolutely beautiful (although slightly scratched on then front but it says “T” then “Ted Baker London” in gold, like the blush packaging). The shades themselves are these amazingly pigmented copper shades that blend really well and have a beautiful metallic sheen. This is my favourite of all the products and I reach for it so often that I’m surprised it hasn’t run out yet.

      The Brushes


The pink eyeshadow brush with the rose gold top is so pretty! The brush is really soft and picks up product really well – I’d have to say it’s the best eyeshadow brush I’ve ever had. The kabuki brush is really soft, although after being cleaned there is a little fallout.

    The Blush Palette

The blush shades from this palette are really pretty, which is why I’m really sad that it’s super wrecked (tip for myself: don’t shake your bag around with makeup in it).

  Nude Lipstick

This is a really pretty and super moisturising nude shade in  stunning white and rose gold packaging which I would recommend picking up if it ever shows its face again! (All the lip and nail products say 219D/2190 at the bottom and don’t actually have names.) Also it smells absolutely amazing, as do the other lip products in the box.

    Lip and Cheek Tint

This lip and cheek tint is a really nice rosy pink colour with stunning gold tones. I generally use it for lips as opposed to my cheeks as it can be a little bright, although when used correctly it creates a super cute rosy tint.

     Nail PolishesIMG_2714

These two colours are really subtle and muted and go great with everything. I especially love the pink shade as it dries to look like a french manicure and it looks so cute.

     Lip Gloss

The colour of the lip gloss is really bright and flawless and the texture is really moisturising. Although it’s not really my colour, it’s a really great product.

   Mascara, Eyeliner and Eyelash Curler

The mascara really isn’t that effective if you like volumized lashes or lashes with a special kind of quality or drama, so it’s really more for just giving them a little shape and colour. The eyeliner is really good and it’s an applicator I personally find to be quite easy to use. As far as the eyelash curler, I’ve never tried to use it as I’m too scared to use one…but it’s really pretty.

So that was my review of my Limited Edition Ted Baker gift box. I’m really impressed with Ted Baker’s products and their incredibly high quality. My least favourite product is probably the mascara as it didn’t really do much for me. (Feel free to let me know in the comments which product you’d buy if these ever came out separately). I hope that it comes back or they release these products separately so that you can try them out, and I can replace my broken blush! (oops).



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